Disable the new alert any time anyone uses a relay



This “new feature” is causing me issues with keeping the Relay app on my phone at work and also is a battery drain and general nusicance.

Please give the users of the relay app a configurable option for this new notification feature. My children understood and used the channel alerts and the new feature is causing issues.

Reactivation / Account Switch
Reactivation / Account Switch
Reactivation / Account Switch

@pirate96 since the decision to implement this … “needed” feature I created a channel so that the Relay units can operate without bothering those that do not need to be bothered. The kids no longer use the main relay channel and just use the channel I made, since I can control who is on that channel.

Best work around I could come up with at this point.


Except that as soon as someone broadcasts on the main channel, everyone is back there and bugging everyone. This “feature” stinks.


I think this feature is pretty useful and it should stay but I don’t understand why it wasn’t added as either a global setting in the app or an individual channel setting.


I think getting a notification whenever people are chatting is preferable to having to press and hold a button to send out an alert.

If I didn’t want to hear alerts on my phone I think I could sign out on the relay app and I wouldn’t receive them until I signed back in (I didn’t test this).


@samuelc.90tsql I understand I could just log out but then that would defeat the whole purpose. I don’t need to know when my kids are talking back and forth, or on a rainy day are playing around in the house having random conversations because they don’t need me.

I am more interested when they do need me, and then I will click on the notification to interact. There just needs to be a happy medium between getting notifications every time the button is pressed and having to hold the side button down for notification.


Exactly! I typed up a reply and accidentally posted it below. The forum will not let me cut/paste…

Oh well… we are thinking of permanently signing out of the Relay app and Relays. This was a major change in the operation of the device and should not have been done without an opt in or out of the change.

Heck we would have settled for at least a notification before the change.


Has this[Reactivation/Account Switch] been resolved or should I say enabled?

It seems like the annoying channel activity alert will be causing us to deactivate the relays. I am wondering if they will be just a paperweight or else perhaps they may have a future value.

Reactivation / Account Switch

We don’t have any reactivation plans in the works right now, nor have an ability to adjust notification settings in a near future release (not ruling it out forever, but want to create as fair an expectation as I can). So I can better understand, would you mind explaining more how your family is using the channels? I’ve heard others mention that creating a new channel has solved the issue, and the ability to send channel alerts does still exist.

Now, I’m thinking of the pain-point of your kids needing to alert you vs. you getting (constantly) alerted when they don’t need you/are just chatting among themselves, but I’d like to hear more + get some other perspectives like yours.


As we chatted about in the annoying channel activity alert even though I have created a channel to help mitigate the channel alerts if any user talks on the main Relay channel it will automatically pull all users to the Relay channel without prompting. Another issue is that you can only send channel alerts on the Relay channel and are unable to send them on channels that we create.

I understand those that had complained that have one device and wanted to be notified when their child pushed the talk button, which this whole process has taken care of that user base, but without being able to be able to disable the notifications or have some other way of interacting with the constant notifications has not taken into account how multi-device users would be affected. I do think there are benefits to the notifications for multi-device users if users had the ability to adjust when they were notified and how often.


I think @Fotoman2100 did a great job summarizing the issues. The reality is that my children absolutely understood the channel alerts and how to use them to contact me.

Even if you are using “instant chat” with two relays or the “specific chat channel” between two relays invariably someone “breaks in” with the third relay or even the phone app.

That is understandable and desirable. The issue comes from the “phantom” traffic on the relay channel or when someone is using like they normally have. If I am in a meeting or out of town unless it is an emergency I do not want to know about traffic on the relay channel. Again my children can fully utilize the channel alerts if needed. As it stands right not there is no way to not be alerted every time someone talks on the relay channel without signing out of the phone app.

That defeats the purpose of the app and also can not get the channel alerts that have worked since day 1.


I’m 100% in agreement. Our usage of the relays has dropped to near 0 since the change and given the utilization I can’t imagine we’ll stay subscribed much longer.


Okay, thanks for taking the time to elaborate more @louisdi, @Fotoman2100, & @pirate96! I understand now where your frustrations are coming from- admittedly, my Relay account is only used by two people (and the interruptions are minimal), so I wanted to make sure I understood all of your use cases- sounds like this will only become a bigger nuisance to folks in your situation the more we add channels too. I’m going to pass this feedback along and see what can be done. I’ll keep you posted in the feedback thread: Disable the new alert any time anyone uses a relay.

I’m also going to move these posts over to that thread for housekeeping purposes.


@louisdi, @Fotoman2100, @pirate96Got an update for you: I’ve spoken with our product team, and can confirm that we will be adding the ability to turn off or change the frequency of these notifications in a future (app) update (likely in the next couple months). Thanks again for your feedback and keep it coming!


Hi @Andi_B Is the ability to disable these notifications still in-plan for an upcoming release? :smiley: Thanks.


Yes. Likely not in our next release, but probably the one after.


Great. Thank you.