Do any Relay features work internationally?


I came across Relay because my family and I are planning some extended international travel and we are in the market for a “kid tracker”. The relay is appealing because it also offers some of the communication benefits when we are in the states.

In light of my potential use case, I am wondering:

  1. Do any of the features (GPS tracking, etc) work outside of the US?

  2. Are there any plans to open the Relay to be able to communicate using other (international) networks in the future?



Use of Relay outside the U.S. is limited to WiFi.

It certainly isn’t a supported use case, however, I have successfully used an already active Three (U.K.) SIM in a Relay, so alternative SIMs including those intended for use outside the U.S. do seem to work. Doing so does mean paying for the alternative SIM in addition to the $7 per Relay hardware device per month cost.


Wow. I didn’t know an international sim would work with Relay. I’m guessing it was a data only sim, right?


@aFloridian @brycem.zrnu5x

Yes, it should work. As long as the GSM SIM that you are placing into the Relay has a data connection/plan associated with that card, you should be okay. We definitely want to hear your feedback if you do decide to give this a try.

It’s not a feature that we advertise or provide support for yet, so this would strictly be a test. We look forward to hear about your trip!



@aFloridian @brycem.zrnu5x

I used my Relays while in Vietnam this summer. Had full coverage while on a boat going down the Mekong Delta! I just popped in a local data SIM from Viettell.

We are actively considering a variety of international options. What countries/regions are you visiting?