Do You Use Relay Without the Kiddos?


We’ve had a few folks mention that they use Relay in place of a cell phone- What are some interesting use cases you’ve found for Relay apart from communication with your kids? How has Relay helped you put the phones down and connect without screens?


I was on a short road trip last year and took the Relay. I liked using it to check in and chat from the road rather than making a phone call. Also, it makes a great talking alarm clock. Just leave the Relay charging overnight on the nightstand and if the folks back home remember, they can start saying “Wake Up, Wake Up” at the predetermined time.


I replaced my cell phone plan with the Relay. The improvements to make the interaction between the Relay and the App work more seamlessly have made it perfect for us.

I commute to work by bike, and I keep the Relay in a chest pocket. It makes it easy to hear my wife ask me to stop at the store to get some groceries, and to just push the button and talk back without taking it out of my pocket. She can even understand me through the fabric!


We use it on construction sites