Enable WiFi calling for known bad cellular coverage locations



Hi there! We live in a location with great cell reception outdoors, but not indoors. It would be great to be able to program the WiFi locations where the kids go, friends house or our house, so that the device uses Voice over WiFi instead of cellular. I have to do this with our iPhones since we have poor in home coverage in our neighborhood. This can also be expanded to potential partnerships for free chat locations down the road. Grab your coffee at Starbucks while your son catches up with grandma on a loaner device over WiFi.


The Relay devices can already connect to WIFI and using that connection can do anything it can do over cellular. Is th as t what you were wanting or are you wanting the ability to setup other wifi locations based off of saved wifi data in your phone?


I don’t believe the relay devices can do VOIP over WiFi. I am able to move to a room in the house with poor signal and reproduce the dropped connection.

What I am proposing is to perform VOIP over WiFi and the ability to save multiple WiFi locations. For example, Bobby goes to Jimmy’s house where there is poor coverage. I want to add Jimmmy’s WiFi to the relay remotely by entering the SSID and passkey that Jimmy’s dad gave me.


Actually that’s exactly how it works. If it doesn’t work that way for you you’ve got an issue going on.


That’s how it works for me, go to the corner of the basement where there is no cell reception and it still works fully on WIFI. No deceenible difference in functionality. Honestly any time you are on WIFI you are not using the cell side of the device