EvanTubeHD Takes a Screen-Free Adventure with Relay


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What’s screen-free, gives your kid independence, provides a ton of fun, and gives parents peace of mind? Relay is a nationwide smartphone alternative, and kids love it as much as parents do! Communicate with your kid or find them through GPS tracking with the touch of a button while they explore, play, and enjoy being a kid. Want to see it in action? Check out how Evan and Jillian from EvanTube HD use Relay to have a fun-filled day with their family! Fun features encourage active play “It’s like a screen-free phone! You can play music, use a Spanish translator,…


As a grandparent, I would prefer to have a smart wi-fi/cell flip-phone with ability to lock a 2 inch screen. Big buttons.
The $9 per month should be only one option. I would pay for $5.00 wi-fi only phone for my grandchild and perhaps 200-300 minutes cell signal for emergency for another $2.00. Since freedom pop gives about 200 min. free last time I checked. However, their phones do not protect the child from the internet smut and garbage ads.
Love Republic refund plan, wish it could go on forever. Like plans with roll-over minutes too. Why pay for what you don’t pay for?
So keep up designing safe devices for kids because the need is there and Republic is a company with good morals and work ethic based on their biz behavior the last 3-4 years. Google Fi is going to keep raising prices so I don’t see them as a trusty-worthy service at this time. I have recommended Republic to several people for affordable prices and good customer service.


Thanks for sharing! Hearing about the features useful to you and your family is really helpful for us. One thing we always want Relay to provide for kids is high-quality communication without access to the internet! Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile: