First Day use: Is the Relay using the same network and tech as Republic?



Hello, we received our Relay yesterday. Setup went smoothly, thank you for an easy process. However just a few pro’s n cons about first impressions.

Pros: Easily fits in my son’s hands and pockets. Setup was easy. Nice vibrant color. Case is slip resistant. Clear audio when held away from mouth. Can be used while charging. Cool color lights around the main talk button. Free stickers. Excellent charging station avoids breaking the usb dongle.

Cons: No quick access to a user manual. How to alert the phone app you want to talk is not in the user manual page on Neighborhood. (Hold down volume button till it confirms an alert was sent) Volume and power button are practically identical making it’s proper use hard at night or impossible discreetly.

Here’s the biggest flaw I’ve encountered. In large parts of my city the Relay completely disconnects from the Relay Server. I understand it does not roam, however, on my phone(TracFone) I did not see that I was roaming. Also on my Husband’s phone (Republic) his phone was working and showing a data connection. Is the Relay server using the same network/s as Republic? Or is it a hardware issue? Is my Relay just buggy? It’s a bit disconcerting that the connection to the server is so flippant. Feels like 20 years ago when cell phones became more accessible to the public but the cell towers were far and few between causing huge gaps in coverage.

Since it’s been charging overnight I’m hoping for a software update and we’ll try the Relay out around the town again.


Thank you for the initial thoughts! Hopefully the gaps in coverage will shrink for you!


Thanks for updating us! As with Republic, if you feel like there’s a coverage issue (or hardware issue) please open a help ticket and we’ll look into the best option for you.


Just to point out the Relay does use roaming Does Relay Have Roaming Capabilities? – RelayGo


Help ticket worked out the problem! I just needed a different sim card for my area that better reflected the cell services. Now it works great. Thank you!


Really appreciate you doubling back to the Relay Neighborhood @ViVi to let us know how you resolved this issue.

Thanks again for Relaying!