First Impressions!


We got ours today and there are some things I love about it and some other thoughts.

I love the colors! They’re bright and fun and eye-catching, so hopefully the kids won’t lose them. The texture is nice and smooth and they slip into pockets easily. The activation was easy, which always makes a good first impression. The sounds is clear, and messages are relayed quickly. It works just as I thought it would!

It’s heavier than I expected. It’s not bad, but definitely not as light as I thought it would be. It’ll be a bit too heavy to wear on a wristband. But would work well with a case that has a clip for backpacks and purses.

If two people are talking at once the Relays can’t handle that and it comes in garbled our starts trying to play it and then cuts off. For families who have more than one, it’s going to take some coordination so everyone’s message is heard. The Relay does tell you that someone else is talking, but for my kids they don’t always great this message.


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