First Impressions


We received our Relays this morning. I’ve activated them without any issues… very smooth and straight forward process.

I took one of the Relays and drove around to different parts of town (elementary school, corner drugstore, Starbucks + 2 different parks/playgrounds etc) and tested it with my wife who was at home. We were very impressed with the initial result!

The iOS App needs some work. Need the ability to change the device names in the app.

I will continue to post my experiences to this thread… would appreciate if others would too…

Nonetheless, so far so good!! My son is going to go bananas when he gets home from school today!!


Places mentioned in the previous post were at distances within 1 mile of home.


Remember, 1 mile, 100 miles, 1000 miles or 10000 miles from home or between devices doesn’t matter as long as you have a cellular or wifi signal. The devices do not communicate with each other directly (unlike actual walkie talkies) but instead send your voice as packets of data over the cellular network.


We just activated ours today. I’m surprised at how few features Relay has at this point. What CAN it do today? So far I’ve only seen the general talk channel, and the (useless) echo channel. I was expecting Google assistant and location at this point.

I’m hesitant to give them to my kids at this point without the location feature AND without attaching accessories, it’s a recipe for permanently loosing the devices.

Am I missing something re: location activation?


You can see location of the Relays via the app. When you click on each Relay it gives you more details, battery life and location.


It’s been 24 hours and my son loves it! He was showing it off to his friends and was very excited for them to get Relays so they could all communicate with each other…

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that that feature is not yet available… I just hope that Republic will add the ability to connect to friends’ Relays that are not on the same account soon.

I’m afraid that my son will lose interest in the device if that feature is not available this summer.


Got mine today. Activation was easy. Based on post about update immediately checked and was told there was an update. Selected to install it. 10 minutes later can’t tell if anything is actually happening. There should be a light combo or something else for let users know when an update is installing.


Read; How to Update Relay's Software – RelayGo it is why we posted and pinned IMPORTANT: Relay's First Software Update today.

Basically, Since updating renders the Relay inoperable the phone needs to be connected to the charger and then the update is applied in the wee hours of the morning. The download will happen in the background it just does not upgrade until later.


I left our Relays plugged in last night and all 3 updated without any issues.


So the update button in the app does nothing? I click it, it says an update is available, I click it again and it says that it is updating.

From the document you linked: “If you’ve verified that your Relay’s software has updated to ROM version 98 or later, you can force Relay to check for an update and install it. When the software update is forced, Relay will immediately install the software update as long as your Relay has over 15% battery.”. So that functionality became available in v98?


That was the case until you upgrade to this new version then voila! new feature. After update the button will do something. Read,

Now if you do not do anything to upgrade the device will download in the background and upgrade in the wee hours, but after this upgrade you can also push a button in the app to bypass this process and be more proactive.


Yep we are moving fast here. :slight_smile:


I got two for our family today and my wife and I were testing while she went to go pick up our son. I ended up getting odd beeps and we had trouble communicating, never really knowing if my messages were sending, or her. When I sat down in a quiet environment I was able to finally hear the beeps that happen after saying something into the device, and it’s clear those noises mean sent or not sent.

My son was then walking home with my wife after being picked up, but I kept getting the “bad noise” meaning it wasn’t sending them. I’m at home and on WiFi, they are on presumably 3G or LTE. Bummer so far. I think maybe 1 in 3 messages actually are successful. Hopefully the Relay device updates helps this.


Hey @usagiyoslimbo we’d like to dig into these types of issues- have you been able to submit a help ticket/chat with our help agents?


Andi! I’ll send a report in when I get back home. Thanks!


I am having these same issues. I submitted a ticket. Let’s see how quickly they can fix it.


Full disclosure: my son wanted to go down the street tonight so we have him his Relay and it worked great. We used the Relay to ask if he was going to the park, and after telling him to make sure to hold down the button longer when he spoke, it worked great. :slight_smile:


You want honest first impressions? Here goes…

Nice packaging. Look and feel is good, as is fit and finish.

I hope the setup voice prompts are not representative of the normal volume range the unit produces when talking through it. At full volume It was barely loud enough to hear. I can’t imagine it being in a pocket or on a belt and being able to hear and understand someone talking through it in anything but an extremely quiet room. Outdoors or in a moderately noisy environment I imagine there will be a lot of requests for retransmission.

But most important of all, I can’t get any of them to activate. I guess I’ll get a “first impression” of the support experience right off the bat :persevere:


Nice packaging. Device looks and feels good.

Son dropped it approximately 3-4 feet to concrete floor. The device partially popped the cover and talk button was misaligned. Had to pop the cover and center the button.

Device. is working well and kids are teaching us what it can do. Will be nice to get other apps. Also phone to relay is desired.

So far we are leaving king it and much better then a phone with a screen for them


I agree. Look, Feel, Fit and Finish are great on first impression. Hope they hold up to kids wear and tear.