First Thoughts about your Relays


Hey there!

By now (or by the end of the day) you all should have received your Relay devices. So, what do you think?

@alan.r and @Jerry_J have already given some great feedback! They noticed that many times, people would speak into the devices at the same time, overwhelming the Relay and causing the sound to come in a little garbled. Has anyone else had a similar experience? If so, did you come up with a system to combat trying to all speak at once?

Upon first glance, touch, and sound, do the devices meet your expectations? Once you’ve activated your Relays, what is your first impression?

What do you think about the weight and texture of the device? Do you think this is a good weight for children? Was it lighter or heavier than expected?

Which colors did you get and how do you and your kids like them?

Did you notice anything else about your Relays that you like/dislike from your first few uses?

First Impressions!

We got ours today and there are some things I love about it and some other thoughts.

I love the colors! They’re bright and fun and eye-catching, so hopefully the kids won’t lose them. The texture is nice and smooth and they slip into pockets easily. The activation was easy, which always makes a good first impression. The sounds is clear, and messages are relayed quickly. It works just as I thought it would!

It’s heavier than I expected. It’s not bad, but definitely not as light as I thought it would be. It’ll be a bit too heavy to wear on a wristband. But would work well with a case that has a clip for backpacks and purses.

If two people are talking at once the Relays can’t handle that and it comes in garbled our starts trying to play it and then cuts off. For families who have more than one, it’s going to take some coordination so everyone’s message is heard. The Relay does tell you that someone else is talking, but for my kids they don’t always great this message.


This is great feedback! Thanks! We’ll be sure to pass this along to our Relay developers. Keep it coming!

Which colors did you get?


We also found that everyone tried to talk at the same time. After a few days, I can say that we were able to figure it out! It’s amazing to me how my kids “seem” to listen better?!?! I am finding myself sending more specific direction through the Relay because I get a response instead of a blank stare, especially when its time to take the trash out.

Attachment accessories will be nice, especially when 99.9% of my youngest’s wardrobe consists of pocketless athletic shorts. He has come up with a few innovative approaches to carrying the Relay (see below). Otherwise it fits well in a pocket, and the form factor is really nice.


Colors are awesome and kids love the durability! Only thing is the app won’t work on my Moto G lol…so I can’t activate Relay. I’ve updated my phone, uninstalled the app, re-installed the app,and no luck. I keep getting the screen attached…


Hey Steven, can you open a ticket by emailing so we can help you figure this out?


The Relays Red(brick), blueberry, silver and charcoal are good colors. The kids went straight for red and blue. The sizes and weight seem ideal for the kids. It is about the weight I thought it would be. The sound is sometimes a little garbled. They were easy to setup.


We got Blueberry, Charcoal, and Slate. They look great and feel solid.

Sadly, in our house our cell coverage is really poor. It gets better just a few feet before we get to the door. We have a large hill directly behind us. With our phones, we rely on WiFi for calls and texts. In the Relay Android app I can see the WiFi status for each Relay but there doesn’t seem to be a way to configure it. Am I missing something?


Will do Sam thanks!


The ability to setup WiFi will be coming in the next app update (hopefully later this week or early next week).


Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with activation. Hopefully Sam was able to help and you are now up and running! I can see where Relay might be a little less exciting if it doesn’t work :wink: Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about your working Relays!


Hi C_family,

Thanks for the feedback! When have you noticed the sound being garbled? At random times, or generally when more than one person is trying to speak into it at once? I’m glad activation was smooth for you.


Yes a little garble when everyone was trying to talk. But I think I got the kids to understand a little better how to use. When there is a lot of background noise it is hard to understand them as well. I tried plugging in headphones and it did not work?


@C_family headphones should work. Did you try adjusting the volume once you plugged in the headphones? The headphone and speaker volume levels are independent and maybe the volume level was all the way down.


I like the feel of them and my kids like to use them between each other. Is there a way to use them with the relay app so I would not need a relay device to contact them?


@Bomkamp5 we’ll be updating the Relay app to include the ability to talk with your Relays. Aiming for something by the end of next week.


I tried the headphones again and they worked. Thanks


My husband brought up a good idea about a clip for belts, to clip it on there or a pouch on your belt


Hey Sam,

When I first activated the Relay the app worked and actually display the ‘in progress’ screen, but it never left that screen and froze. I uninstalled the app, then reinstalled it and from that point on its been crashing. No luck…


Is there any information available that would show what the different colored rings mean?