Geofencing and improved GPS history



I’d like to see auto-position updates every 15 minutes (or more often if it doesn’t eat the battery) stored in the cloud with history reviewable via the app. I’d also like to be able to set up geo-fencing and get notified when the device leaves or enters the geo-fenced area. It doesn’t have to be instant - could be based on the automated interval updates positions. In addition, if the relay leaves a fenced area, as an option it would be helpful if the interval was shortened so we can get more detailed information of where it went outside of the area.


It will eat the battery somewhat and we have to be careful with a product aimed at kids there are some very strict regulations. For example the location history right now is stored on your phone.

We are working on geofencing but I do not have an ETA.


I understand what you’re saying about protecting the location history. Hopefully this product grows enough to be able to support the security measures that would need to be in place on your server to make that an option. The main use case I’m seeing is simply if your child or relay goes missing during the day - cloud location history combined with auto-updates from the device on an interval would give you a picture of when/where it went missing. Having the data stored in the cloud is crucial, as you may not have your phone app open when whatever event happens. I wouldn’t keep my app open when my child is at school, but if they didn’t show up on the bus I’d have a way to see where they were/when, even if the device has been disabled for some reason. Anyways - just putting what I’d like to see out there.