Get to Know Relay: Channels


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Channels are like apps for your Relay. You can turn them on and off whenever you want and you can customize each Relay with the ones you want to use. Here, you’ll find a list of all Relay’s channels and see how they work. Chat: Talk to friends and family Relay channel By default, your Relay will send messages to everyone on your account, including your Relay app. When you are on the Relay channel, push the talk button to communicate with everyone on your account. Unlike a traditional walkie-talkie, your account is private and no one else can join…


Is there any plan in the works to increase the number of channels? A lot of these are fun, but you can’t use them all when you’re only allowed 5 and one is the default channel.


I agree! My son is more than half full just by having both parents as a channel.
I was actually very disappointed that I have to choose between fun or family for a channel. My son is 5, he currently does not get any fun things because people take them up.
I want to share Relay with his cousins and their families, but there seems to be no point if there is no room for a channel for him to use.
I would like to see more. If I am missing a way to add them, please let me know.


I just updated my Relays and there are now 25 channels! Yay! I appreciate the continuous updates and improvements immensely!