Getting Relay ready for play: From the lab to the playground


My wife and I have been doing some looking around the internet for something that would work better than a wristband, and honestly we think an armband would work MUCH better. The closest weve found is like this mesh armband, but the only problem is that its not wide enough. The Relay is 2.7 inches wide/tall and .6 inches in depth. Oh well, the search goes on.


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My son has severe ADHD too. And I love the idea that there’s no screen to distract him. I haven’t bought it yet bc the concern I do have is how he’ll avoid losing or misplacing it. What suggestions do you parents have?


My only suggestion would be to get the case. It comes with a clip and lanyard so has been great at attaching to my kid than time dating to before the case existed. Though that should keep the Relay connected to your child if for some reason it does become separated and he is unable to find it, it has location tracker on it (as long as you have it on) so you can still find the device.


I would recommend getting the Loop Case accessory item. It comes with a carabiner and breakaway lanyard so he can wear it around his neck, clip it to a backpack, belt loop, or anything else. Check out the video for the loop case here. As Fotoman2100 said, in the event that he does lose it, it has GPS tracking.