Getting used to relay


My husband and I, retired and wanting to stay connected at all times, are finally starting to figure out the relay. I still need to explain to him how to send an alert if he needs to reach me. That is somewhat tricky because if he presses the volume button with his big clumsy fingers and accidentally lets his finger skip off the tiny button the volume goes down. A few times of this, and he has no volume and cannot hear me when I reply. I am looking forward to seeing more improvements with this device.


In that instance you would press BOTH the small buttons and hold them down for a few seconds. That is how to send the alert to a cell phone with the app


Thanks for sharing! Be sure to let The Neighborhood know if you have any more questions or concerns- we’re here to help each other figure out Relay together :slight_smile:. I’ll make sure this feedback gets passed along to our development team as well. You’re not the first to mention the buttons’ size/proximity/color being a bit problematic.

The channel alert is performed by holding down just the volume button. Holding down both small buttons locks the device.