Giveaway & Feedback Jam Session: Get To Know Your Customers Day


:tada: National Get to Know Your Customers Day is this Thursday, 10/18 :tada:

In the spirit of getting to know our customers, I'd like to open up some questions to you in order to find ways we can improve The Neighborhood and better meet your needs (I've reached out to a few individuals with these questions already, now it's time to expand the conversation).

As a thank you for your feedback and participation, we’ll also have a giveaway!!
(see details below)

1. About how often do you visit?


2. What usually brings you to The Neighborhood?

  • Support needs
  • Feature updates
  • Socializing- Swapping stories with other Relay families
  • Product Education (mostly browsing topics)
  • Digital parenting, Screen-free, and/or Unplugged-Play tips
  • Other

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3. Are you interested in being part of a Brand Ambassador program here in The Neighborhood?

(Definitely comes with a :star2: title, you’ll be a go-to for answering questions about Relay :information_source:, as well as receive certain information early :ear: in order to help here in The Neighborhood)


4. What are we missing, and/or what are we doing well?

  • Is there information or content you’d like to see more of here?
  • Anything that is currently not present?
  • Is there content we already have that you really like?
  • Is there something that would make navigation of the site easier?

Share in your reply to this post! This is meant to be constructive, and to improve the Community, so no idea/feedback is too far-fetched.

Now comes the fun part…:partying_face: Giveaway Time!

If you post in response to question #4 now through 9:00am ET Monday, October 22nd, you’re be eligible. I’ll randomly select and announce 3 winners by 3:00pm ET on the 22nd. Winners will have the choice of one of the following as their prize (see images below):

  • Relay Beach Towel + Loop Case or Extra Charger

  • Relay T-shirt + 1 Loop Case or Extra Charger

  • 3 Month Service Credit +1 Loop Case or Extra Charger

*PLEASE REMEMBER: This topic is to solicit feedback about this Relay Community/forum site ONLY. However, any feedback you have about the Relay product is welcome in another thread.


The Relay team has done a great job of focusing on the “lack of screen” and still being able to communicate. That is a great feature and well needed.

One thing I would appreciate is more heads up on device changes or feature changes. As the product changes the existing user base should be informed before the changes go live.


I’m a single guy that has no kids, so I’m probably outside of the Relay market at the moment. However, I’ve Republic Wireless (RW) customer for over 3 years, so I’m interested in Relay’s development because I like RW and I like the idea of a screen free device.

What I most enjoy reading on here is stories of how people find Relay useful and knowing more about the features/technology behind Relay, so I would definitely encourage you to continue keeping those two themes in focus.

I know in the RW forum, they have a monthly giveaway for people who give thanks for some help they receive from RW. I know many times there aren’t that many entries each month, but it’s archived on a quarterly basis (which I think is every three months). Therefore, those stories of thankfulness add up overtime. I know that in this forum there have been attempts to encourage people to share their stories about how they Relay, and I think that should continue to be encouraged. Maybe that can be helped with a monthly or bimonthly giveaway (I know this forum is currently smaller than RW’s). Also, the more stories that can be shared about how people really use Relay will increase the product awareness, and most likely convert more people into customers as they get to know the stories.

If there is a positive news article, blog post, YouTube video or etc. that is done by Relay or someone that is not a Relay employee, I think it would be good for it to be mentioned on this forum. Based on the amount of times links were clicked in these two posts, A Recent PCMag Video Demonstrating How Relay Works & Etc and 2 New, Short YouTube Videos about Relay, I think people want to know about Relay from various perspectives. I know that this forum does share Relay videos from the Relay YouTube channel (and probably other places that I’m missing because I haven’t read all the posts). I know on the RW Facebook page I like seeing from time posts that they share about how RW is mentioned in various places online.


Honestly, for the most part right now, I’ve mainly just read the headlines of the categories of “digital parenting, screen-free, and/or unplugged-play tips” here. I’ve skimmed an article or two (…or more maybe…) However, I think if those themes talk even slightly about how the Relay product is used, I probably would be more inclined to read it. Maybe it does, and I just haven’t seen that because I haven’t read that so far, but those are some more of my 2 cents.


There is a lot of information on the site geared in a sales style pitch, which is great for newcomers. Might be nice to put that all in one place so it is easy for them to find information about the devices.

Personally I am less interested in that information as I already have the product. What I am more interested in is product and software updates as well as the interaction with the community. Seeing what works for others, or doesn’t work for others is great.


Iwas trying find a 10 minute or so commercial by Apple that was probably done 4 or 5 years ago. It highlighted how apple products were helping people’s lives like adjusting someone’s prosthetic leg and allowing someone to talk via the ipad who didn’t know how to speak. The main emphasis was on the people’s stories, but of course, people knew more about apple products. When I find the video, I will post it here. That is kind of what I am thinking about in terms of what I am interested about here in the forum. I like the combination of knowing about people’s stories of how they use Relay with the knowledge of the technology behind Relay and somewhat of the mission of relay too.


I’d like to find ways to keep the Relay quiet yet still quietly notify the user. I’d also like to see a way to control notifications so the parent only gets notified in emergency situations. I’d also like to see a way to notify family members Relay-to-Relay if you’d like them to change their channel to get onto yours.


I’d like to hear about updates here before they go live. It would be nice to get more info as it’s being developed.


Many thanks to all of you who participated! This is going to help me better plan the direction of The Neighborhood :slight_smile: If any of you have specific feedback you’d like to share with me directly, please feel free to do so.

Now, for the 3 winners of the giveaway…
Congratulations to:


I’ll reach out to each of you individually for your prize selection and shipping information.