GPS Location pin not showing on Google Maps since firmware and Android App update


Since I updated to latest firmware and Android RelayGo app, the Relay location pin is no longer showing in Google Maps when I click the location address link in RelayGo. The RelayGo location address is shown in RelayGO app but, it appears, the address is not passed to Google Maps so that location pin is not shown on the map. This is on Samsung S9+ phone.


Hi @stuartr.seyzqt, are you still having this issue? Are you on the latest Relay app version and phone OS?


Yes, I believe I am using latest versions. on firmware and 1.8.58 on relaygo app. I opened a support ticket and apparently it is being investigated.

Thanks for following up.


I have noticed the same thing on Apple. It will show where I am but not pin the location of the relay I am looking at.