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  • Where are you from?
  • How did you hear about Relay? What interested you about it?
  • What difficulties do you think Relay could help you and your family overcome?
  • What new technology do you and your family use the most?
  • What was your favorite pastime as a child?
  • What activities do you and your family enjoy doing together?
  • What places have you and your family traveled to? and/or Where would you like to travel? (share a photo from your trip!)
  • What are your skills/areas of expertise?
  • What do you do for a living/what do you like to do in your spare time?
  • What does being a Neighbor mean to you?

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Welcome! The Neighborhood is Officially 1 Week Old!

Hello! I’ll be the first to introduce myself. We’re a family of five living in a new place. We’re in a great neighborhood with lots of playgrounds, new friends, and forest to explore. I love how much my kids are outside, but I don’t like all the telling I have to do to get them home :joy: That’s why I’m so excited for Relay. We first learned about it from a Republic email. My husband and I are so excited about a way to communicate with our kids without screens. We love being outside, playing at the beach, camping, reading books, and playing board games. We’re excited to be a part of this group!


Hi we are a family of four just loved the idea of Relay when I saw the post from Republic. We want away for the kids to have some freedom but be able to get ahold of them. Our kids do not need cellphones. We love to be outside going for bike rides and hiking and this is a great way to stay in touch. So excited to check it out


Hello, my name is Anthony, but friends and family call me Tony.

I am a longtime Republic Wireless phone user and member of that community.

Honestly, Relay is too late for me/my generation, but we really had no use for it back then. Parents kicked the kids outside after feeding them and required them to be back at certain times. Times have changed.

Still, this sounds like a great product for older adults with grandchildren and/or blended families. I like the concept.

I don’t think I will be a very active member here, other than to see how the community progresses and to learn about the technology.

Good luck Relay!. :+1:


We’re a family of 5 with 2 young boys 11 and 8. As my boys start their baseball season, the relay device will come in handy with keeping in touch with each other instead of the use of a cell phone which my littlest one is still to young for. It will also give me some piece of mind when my boys want to play outside. Can’t wait to put the relays to use.


Hi @paulettem.3 and thanks for sharing! Your post reminded me of my days of youth softball and soccer, and my folks having to coordinate schedules with my sister and I. Relay definitely would’ve come in handy back then! It’s always a chore figuring out pick-up and drop-off schedules for multiple kids, and I’m sure a lot of other parents can relate to this use-case :slight_smile:


Wow… Such a list of questions! Let’s see if I can follow the format and answer at least a few…

Where are you from?
I’m from New Jersey. But what you probably meant was “Where is home?”. Arizona - primarily the metro Phoenix area - is my home and has been for longer than it hasn’t.

How did you hear about Relay? What interested you about it?
Heard about it via Republic Wireless - either the Community, Website, or email; forget which. It interested me in that it’s a combination of familiar and useful technologies combined and packaged into an entirely new, convenient, and practical device with so many useful applications beyond the basic “virtual leash” it’s now being marketed as. I hope others become able to see all the options that I see, and aren’t limited byt the current marketing, which seems to be targeting a very specific demographic.

What difficulties do you think Relay could help you and your family overcome?
Seamless communication at any distance, in a small, convenient, rugged, and distraction-free device.

What new technology do you and your family use the most?
New technology? Are smartphones still considered “new”? Email and amateur radio certainly aren’t.

What was your favorite pastime as a child?
Split between working with electronics and hanging out in the library reading about electronics.

What activities do you and your family enjoy doing together?

What places have you and your family traveled to? and/or Where would you like to travel? (share a photo from your trip!)
Anywhere accessible via RV

What are your skills/areas of expertise?
Jack of all trades, master of some. Pretty much anything electrical, electronic, or mechanical, and anything computer or internet related.

What do you do for a living/what do you like to do in your spare time?
I fix broke stuff, waste time on the internet, and listen to music. I even roast my own coffee.

What does being a Neighbor mean to you?
Being a neighbor means being a part of a larger group, usually (but not always) defined by geographical or metaphorical proximity . Being a good neighbor means watching out for one’s neighbors, hoping they do the same, and helping out when I can.



I was surprised and delighted to be chosen to paricipate in the Beta phase of Relay. I love the simplicity of the device and how sturdy it looks as well as its design. It sounds like it will be a great smartphone alternative for children.


Thanks for sharing @homelessonwheels- Sounds like you’ll be great to have around here as Relay develops!

I with you on this. While a lot of marketing for this product is directed towards families, we definitely see several use cases. I know many have mentioned it being useful for seniors, as well as adults who just want to roam about without being tethered to their phones.

I’d say smartphones count as new :slight_smile:

Great sentiment. Hopefully we can instill some of it into the Community here.


Congratulations on being part of our BETA, @noshesophos! We’ll be eager to hear your feedback once you get Relay in your hands and integrated with your family’s day-to-day.


A family of four in upstate NY here. Kids are 7 & 10. I have been a longtime Republic Wireless user since it came out of beta with the first XT phone. I heard about the Relay from a Republic email and was very happy to be chosen for the beta program. My 10-year-old daughter is chomping at the bit to get a smartphone and mean Dad keeps saying no. It seems like most of her friends have them by now. This is something I can say yes to!

There are times when we’d like to get a message to our kids, but I’m hoping(I thgrinning:) my 10 yo daughter will also be able to communicate with her friends enough to keep her happy with it because I think a cell phone would be bad news for her. She’s already nearly addicted to anything tech at home. My wife is a Teacher and sees highschool/middleschool kids who almost cannot function without their phones - even in class.

I think this will be great for both of my kids (and us) as warmer weather is coming, so they can have a little more freedom outside and still allow us to check in. This could be cool for summer camp as well!! They would’ve come in handy for our Disney vacation last year, but we’ll have to give them a try on some future trips this year.

I’m also very interested in learning more about how these will function. For example, can they be muted and allow messages to be delivered for later? Can I receive messages from my kids as a visual voicemail on the app, so I can get a message without others at work hearing? Also, are there any Alexa skills or integration in the works? I think these would be great features! We’ll see!

I am also interested to see if these would be good for my parents for easy-to-use no-frills communication since they sometimes get overwhelmed by their smartphones.

It’ll be interesting to see how everyone uses them!


Love all these use-cases @SmartPhoneHoldout! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Yes- There will be a way to mute if you’re busy/at work, and then see that there is a message waiting in the companion app.

We agree! We’re definitely aiming to incorporate some more features like a virtual assistant, but they won’t be available in the BETA or first iteration of Relay.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!


I love the basic concept of Relay. I like having a way to communicate with my family that discourages screen time, provides safe access, and is affordable. One question … is there a way that Relay could include a “voicemail” type option … if someone tries to “walkie-talkie” a family member and the family member had to step away for a couple of minutes … the “caller” could leave a message that could be retrieved? Or, perhaps, at least a blinking light could let the receiver know that someone tried to reach them.


I’ve been a “member of the rePublic” since my son was first using cell phones and he’s now 36. (He was the best beta tester of the system because he was highly motivated to be on the phone.) I have been so pleased to see how the service has grown, changed and improved.


I answered your question in the other thread you posted in, but will answer here as well so others can see. As of right now, we do not have a feature like that built out. This is definitely something we hope to develop into a feature as we see how people want to use their Relays. The blinking light option is definitely a great thing to consider as well. It’s great to hear how you are already envisioning your family not only using Relay, but benefitting from it in terms of cutting down on screen time, and getting both affordable and reliable communication.


Thx, I would love to get my daughters 5 and 13 a Relay, being a single parent n hating the iPhone and tablet with all its social media craze I think it’s an awesome idea and alternative to the other stuff


Hi! I’m a mom of two teens. I learned about Relay through an email from Republic Wireless and I’ve been watching the emails and Facebook posts about Relay to see when it’s going to be released and to learn more about its functionality.

At this stage of my life, I have a new driver (my daughter (16) just got her permit) and a too soon to be learner (my 14 yr old son). So, I love the idea of a product without a screen. I think not having a screen is freeing from distractions and unwanted apps, etc. that are available nowadays. There are too many things to keep up with with all of this new technology and social media. Having something that will help simplify (and make using those things impossible) is something that I’ve been hoping for.

I primarily think about how my kids would use this device while learning to drive and then beginning to drive independently. I hear so many stories about teens wrecking (and dying) because of cell phone use. Relay is the answer to this conundrum for me. I will be able to rest in the security of knowing that my child won’t be distracted by looking at a text message or using an app while they’re driving.

I hadn’t considered some of the other uses that others here have mentioned, but I know I will appreciate the convenience of knowing that I can safely reach my children and know where they are. I was also hoping this may provide a way for them to interact with their friends. Is this a functionality that will be possible or is it only going to be intended for use within a set number of users?


Hello Neighbors!

My name is Nichole and I live in Raleigh. We’re a family of 3. Our daughter is 11 and has been trying to convince us to get her a smartphone. My husband and I believe she is too young for a phone so when Relay was announced I was extremely excited!! She loves to play with friends in the neighborhood, however, it was challenging tracking her down. Relay will give us peace of mind knowing we will now have a way to communicate without a screen. I love how Relay isn’t restricted on distance, includes GPS tracker, and the size is perfect! We can’t wait to start using them!


We are a family of four (kids are 11 and 8), and are excited to try Relay. We live in a very friendly neighborhood and kids are always going to each other’s houses, so…it becomes a little difficult to locate them sometimes! A lot of the parents in my neighborhood are thinking about trying Relay also, so we all have an easy way to locate and talk to our kids.


We are a family of 4 (kids are 12 & 8). Pretty excited to try Relay devices. Our kids walk/bike to school and we are concerned when they don’t return home in time whatever might be the reason for the delay. We have decided to postpone smartphones as long as we can seeing how distracting they are (even for adults like us). Relay appears to be striking the right balance. Plus, having an ability for kids call parents after their games / classes will be helpful as well.