Greetings and Introductions!


We are a family of four from Raleigh with kids aged 7 and 9. We love traveling, NC State sports and family trips to the mountains. We are excited to try out the Relay as a way to get in touch with the kids as they are out and about in the neighborhood. (Kids are still too young for a the responsibility of a cell phone.) The Relay will also come in handy to stay in touch/coordinate with one another while traveling or at sporting events. We are excited to play around with the Relay and see how it fits into our lifestyle.


Hi there! I am so excited for relay! We’ve got three girls who love playing outside and our oldest bikes to and from school sometimes alone. We aren’t wanting cell phones for our girls until they’re much older so having something like Relay will be a huge gift to our on the go family. We live in WI and love to be outside all year. I’m excited to have something like this for our adventurous girls!


Getting outside all year in Wisconsin is impressive @susieb. I think you’ll find the Relay is badger tough to keep up with those girls of yours!


Hi! I’m in Indiana.
I heard about Relay in an email from Republic. We don’t have a landline and I’m tired of making calls for my kids or handing over my phone so they can use it. This would be an easy, cheap option.
Right now, our new technology is Echo and Echo Dot. We like using them as intercoms and to play music around to house.
I loved running around outside with friends when I was a kid.
My family likes to ride bikes, go hiking, and have Friday movie nights.
We took a big trip last summer, camping at Niagara, then Boston for a wedding, then a stopover in PA on the way home. Next fall we’re going to Disney with my parents!
I have a background in fashion design and merchandising! I am also breastfeeding counselor and professional bra fitter.
I work part-time, volunteer in my kids’ school, and cart the kids around to their various activities.
I’m just excited to be a part of the conversation!

So, how do I get a device?!


Hi, I’m from Minnesota. I’ve been a huge fan of Republic Wireless ever since I joined a couple of years ago. My siblings and mom have all switched to Republic Wireless, but I never managed to convince my husband. He’ll switch the day Republic Wireless supports iPhones. I learned about Relay from an email and have been intrigued ever since.

I have two kids, 8 and 6, who are starting to hang out in the neighborhood. The eight-year-old is especially eager to explore and be allowed to go further and further. Sometimes, they’re hard to track down. I grew up being able to roam the neighborhood and hang out with friends and I want them to have the same freedom. Yet as a parent, I worry about a lot of things, and I think a product like Relay will help me worry less and make it easier to get in touch with them.

I’m also a tech geek. I love working with new technology and am fascinated by how technology is being integrated into our lives. I started learning technology at a young age and have made a career in the tech field. At work, I get to work with providing technology to students. At home, I get to play around with personal tech and watch how my kids grow up with technology in a very different way than I did. Part of my reason for wanting Relay, is that I can play with it myself. :slight_smile:


Hi there. I am a single parent with kids ranging in age 12-24, not all living at home. I learned of Relay same as many of you, when Republic notified us. I am interested in the Relay because I have seen the difficulties my older kids have had using time wisely on their smartphones. My 18 and 20 year olds have been disappointed at times with the distraction it is to them. It’s a challenge for people of all ages to use time wisely with a smartphone. They are great tools, I’m grateful for mine, and we all have to learn to navigate life with them if we choose to own one. However, I dont pay for phones or service for my kids, so they usually end up saving for them or waiting til they have some kind of job that provides enough monthly money to sustain them. My 12 and 15 year old are interested in the Relay and I’m looking into it for them. I’d like more details of its use. I’ll be looking around the topics to see if my questions have already been answered somewhere in here.


Hi there!

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

In this time of data breaches and screen addiction, I am proud to find myself on the side of the helpers-- and I am just so delighted to see you all here.

Welcome to the Neighborhood, friends :slight_smile:


The fact that you’re back from the grave to support this community, is well, remarkable. (as is the fact that Republic would license your ghost to appear here).


Hi, I’m here because I want to find a device that can keep me in contact with my kid at home while I play in the neighborhood (jog). A bonus would be to find him via gps or talk to him while shopping so I won’t panic as soon as he’s out of eyesight. He’s young and we live near a border crossing. It would be nice if he and I could feel safe we while practicing independence. Comparing cost of Relay to a treadmill - considering added benefits and space allotment.


Hi and welcome! Thanks for coming to The Neighborhood and asking such great & thoughtful questions! We hope Relay will be a good solution for you and your son :-). Keep the good conversations coming, and we can’t wait to hear what you think once you and your family have their Relays. Treadmills are a pain to move and deliver anyway. Not to mention the cost of repairs and maintenance…plus them staring at you and judging you when you’re on hour 4 of Netflix-watching… Maybe now I’m just projecting :thinking:


Haha! Great points. I’m sold! Im hoping to get my Relay by the last week of June. The son chose ‘mint’ but he hinted that it was only because he liked the other colors less. He’s partial to lime green. Just a heads up if you ever release new color covers. You just saved me from inviting insidious levels of guilt from a dusty monstrosity looming behind me as I’m co-playing Minecraft with the kiddo. The dishwasher is thankfully in another room.


Where are you from? NJ

How did you hear about Relay? What interested you about it?
I was researching the internet trying to find a way for my son and I to keep in touch with each other. He is 10 and I am not yet ready for him to have a cellphone. I have walkie talkies but they are too cumbersome to carry around with not enough coverage area. And that’s when my internet search led me to Relay. I love that Relay works like a walkie talkie but smaller and uses cell towers like a cellphone for communication. Now, I don’t have to worry how far he is, we can still communicate.

What difficulties do you think Relay could help you and your family overcome?
At ten, I went everywhere with my friends without adult supervision. My son worries. He’s afraid if something happens, he won’t be able to get in touch with me. We are currently testing the device to make sure he feels safe having it.

What was your favorite pastime as a child?
Spending time with my friends. We rode bikes, went on picnics, walked to the local convenience store (without parent permission), etc. We always felt safe having each other.

What activities do you and your family enjoy doing together?
Board games, site seeing, museums, traveling, amusement parks, waterparks, baseball, hiking, camping, skiing, boating, etc.

What places have you and your family traveled to? and/or Where would you like to travel? Colorado, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Florida, etc. My son wants to visit Australia. I’d like to take him everywhere!


Awesome. Thanks for stopping in and sharing. Do let the community know if you have any questions!


Australia is an awesome place to visit or at least it was when I last had the opportunity some time ago courtesy of a college friend who lives there.


I am from Oregon and am in the process of becoming a Guardian to a 12 year old Foster Child. I am not ready to provide a smartphone. Googled other communication options for kids and found this. My only concern is the size of the device and I would not consider purchasing until a “carrier” was available.

We are outdoors people biking, fishing, camping, hiking, Tennis, swimming.

I am a Global Project Manager in the hospitality industry, providing site selection and contract negotiations for meeting planners.


There is nothing stopping you from re-purposing cell phone accessories. There are some that should work well.

For example:

Small universal stick-on clip holders can work fine. We are working on our own accessories, but I would hate for you to wait if you do not have to.


I am from the Denver area, but hopefully in the near future the rural area.
I heard about Relay via my Republic Wireless account and an email. I was interested because I was resisting getting phones for my 4 kids, but it was quickly becoming a necessity as they each wanted to go separate ways to play with friends and such. I had been looking at those kid watches, but didn’t want to change companies just for a watch.
Check ins with my older kids should be much easier now.

  • What do you do for a living/what do you like to do in your spare time?
    I am a jack of many trades. I run a farm, am a contract writer and content editor for an educational company, I teach high school English, I coach, and I lifeguard during the summers and weekends…oh and a wife and mom of 4 kiddos.


Thanks for coming to The Neighborhood @michaela.mczfcu! Glad to hear Relay has helped your family stay connected. Sounds like it’s been impactful because you’re busy with your own activities too! We’ll be eager to hear what you think of Relay as it sounds like you work with kids quite a bit.


I bought a waterproof case on Amazon for the waterpark to wear cross-body. The cool thing is that it’s easy for my son and I to still talk to each other through the waterproof bag. I just wish it was smaller:

And I bought waterproof case the is meant for a phone to wear around the neck:

Hopefully, something waterproof comes out for the Relay, soon. My son and I are outdoorsy people, too. Regardless of the lack of accessories, we really love the Relays. I’m glad I bought two, since I’m not too keen on using the app. It’s easier to talk between two Relays rather than Relay and phone.


Thanks for sharing the fact that Relay speaker/mic work through the first waterproof bag/product!