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I’ve just my relays and am excited to try things out. I have a great neighborhood in which my sons can “go out and play” but getting them home is troublesome. Tracphone was my first solution but failed b/c he didn’t hear it, it didn’t hold a charge, etc.

So far so good with the relay. Stumbled a little with activation but figured it out. Still trying to understand how it all works. I’ve got the basics but am confused about echo channel. I understand relay but what does echo do? I also can’t figure out one thing with my phone. Does the app have to be open and in the foreground to hear the kids? Or will it ping me or something if closed? Also, can the relays be renamed or do we keep the quirky names provided. I’ll keep looking for more info but there’s no “how to” guide I can find.

I’m sure we’ll figure it all out with time. I’ll update later. Thx!


Well, it echos. Nothing else. You say something, it says it back in an altered voice.

Yes, to hear the kids it must be open in the foreground.

The child can send a “channel alert” (hold down volume button for 2 seconds) and this will cause your phone app to alert, you can then open the app and talk to the child.


You cannot rename the relay devices at this time. If you think this is a useful feature that should be brought to the Relay team and voted on by other community members, you can submit it to the Ideas & Feedback section.

The Relay Help site has a bunch of information about the devices and how they work, answers to common questions, release notes and more. It also has guides that may help, such as this Quick Start Guide - Using Relay.


Julie in Utah, switched from a Republic phone for my pre-teen after inappropriate pictures were found. Big no, no and eye opener that kids are not ready for smart phones! Relay interested be as I need to contact my kids without worries.


Welcome Julie! We hope Relay will be a good fit and solution for you and your family :slight_smile:


I just got the relaygo set up and we were all super excited. However, we are finding that the device won’t work unless my phone screen is on and the app is open. Unfortunately this is a deal breaker for us. The method described in the forum to send a notifications is not realistic for a child.


It is explained in a few threads. iOS and Android don’t allow background apps to suddenly open the audio channel. Sending a notification by pressing the two side buttons, in order to get the parent’s attention, it the means by which Relay to App communication is accomplished.


I sorry you find the process unrealistic for kids but I have a six year old that pushes the button with no issues to get our attention. You will also find other threads on this forum on what other users have done to help make this process successful for their child. I would look through those and see if they help you at all, also comment in those threads, the community is there to help.


Hi I am from Iowa. I have been on the email list for Republic for a while and checked out the information about Relay. My son is 9 and I want to reach him when he is playing with friends at their home or outside. It looks like a good way to do this without a phone to carry.


Thanks for sharing @denisea.z6alpm! Welcome to The Neighborhood! Let us know if you have any questions along the way, we’re eager to help! :slight_smile:


Good Evening!

Family of 6 here (kids are 14yr, 11yr, 8yr & 9mo). We learned the hard way that smart phones are NOT a good idea for tweens! However, we wanted a way for the kids to connect with us—and each other. A friend of ours had posted about the Relay go prior to its release and I had sort of forgotten about it…fast forward to back to school…walking home, etc. Here we are! Our Relays came in today, we’ve only used them in the house but so far we like them. The boys love playing with them & cant wait to now be able to walk home from school. We’re hoping that it serves its purpose and that the battery holds up!

Thanks for making this product!
Kandice, Jim & Family


Welcome to The Neighborhood! Let us know if you have any questions along the way- we’d love to hear how you’re experience with Relay is going: first 24hrs, first school day, first week, etc. :slight_smile: