Greetings and Introductions!

I’m in WI with four young girls, one moving into intermediate school soon and all of them very busy and active. When my brother was looking at cell phones for my nieces, I started looking at non-smartphone alternatives to see what was available for my own information and future options. Came across RelayGo, which I thought was a great alternative and one to keep in my back pocket for the right time.

When my father had a severe stroke earlier this year and required significant rehabilitation and care that my mother couldn’t provide at home, my father started to exhibit severe anxiety when my mom wasn’t with him. While my mom didn’t want to provide him full access to his cell phone, we considered RelayGo as a means for him to get quick confirmation that my mother was ok and for her to communicate back when she would next see him. We’re still working through how to make this the right solution for him, but we are hopeful we can make it work.