Headset control?


I think I remember there being a headset jack on the Relay. Or is it just headphone? If headset, what, if any, inline controls are supported? I’d hope at least a single button that would mirror the button on the unit itself.

While I’m asking about headphones/headsets - will it have bluetooth? or only wired?

EDIT: I see in a post over on the Republic community:

Headphone jack, Bluetooth, and NFC

  • Because speakerphone isn’t always your first choice.

But that still leaves the question of headset PTT and mic support.


As of right now, we’d send the audio over the headphones/headset, and use the headset mic if one is available. Any other headset feature compatibility (like PTT) is not currently in the works. Though I do see it’s use case, if you’re exercising/on-the-go and want to be as hands-free as possible.


As small as it is, I suppose for such situations the Relay can simply be held in the hand for operating the PTT. THANKS!