Help, SOS, or Alarm function?


Is there an alarm function? Something that can discreetly notify all app users in the family that the relay holder needs help without speaking directly to it or obviously pushing a button. Like a keyword, “Help!” or “Capybara!” will signal the Relay to send a distress signal out?


There is not, but it is an interesting idea for a future feature such as tap the button three times sends out your GPS location and and SOS to app users… In the meantime this is something that you could set-up with family members that they know if the get the word “Capybara” as the only word in a message from you, that’s your SOS.


Thank you. If a future feature does present itself I hope discreetness is a major factor. If I’m being mugged or kidnapped I might find it hard to reach for my Relay and hide that I am using it (so it doesn’t get stolen or tossed to make the GPS ineffective). The consecutive pushes idea does seem like the most realistic way to currently use an SOS without a hardware overhaul. Pressing through a shirt pocket or jeans can be done rather discreetly. Thank you for your help!