Hey Republic, how is the Relay going?



I really wish to know how the Relay program is going from the Republic Wireless point of view?

I have three of the devices, I have tried out during a visit to Disney, at work with Drivers and Customer service people… I find many unique applications. Just drop one on the dash of a delivery truck and always be able to find that location and talk to the driver… BTW, I would very much like a Month by Month option.

Anyway, what about it Republic, have sales met your expectations. Does is generate a profit? New features on the horizon? Gen 2?..



Hey Tim,

I am a part of the Quality Assurance team at Relay and Republic, and I’m happy to hear how much you enjoy using your Relay and the unique applications you find for them. I also find pretty unique uses for them around my home. While my niece and nephew are a bit too young to use Relay as intended (they are toddlers), I often use them to play ‘Marco Polo’ style game of hide-and-seek using them. They get a kick out of it!
I look forward to giving my sister-in-law a set when they get a bit older.

While I can’t speak directly to your questions on the business front, I can say that we are always looking for ways to improve our offering and expand the general appeal for both Relay and Republic. I’m sorry for the generic answer! We appreciate your all-around support! That’s for sure!



Hey @timtwerp! Thanks for your thoughts/questions. Relay has been going really, really well for us so far (and we are just getting started). We have some even bigger things on tap for this year! Relay is going to get some great new features (based on the feedback from customers like you) and it will also available in nationwide retail stores. We’ve also heard (like you mentioned) that people are finding lots of great uses for Relay. If you’re open to it, we’d love to connect with you directly to hear how you used Relay at work.

You mentioned a month-to-month option, what do you mean by that specifically?