HobbyKidsTV Takes Relay On-the-Go!


Originally published at: https://blog.relaygo.com/relay-in-action/hobbykidstv

Relay keeps families connected. It’s like a screen-free smartphone with fun features and nationwide range, but it works like a walkie talkie with easy one-touch communication. Curious if Relay is right for your family? Wondering if your kids will like it? Take a look at how the Hobby Kids react to their brand new Relays (and the freedom that comes with them!)     Customize with cool features You can rename your Relays, customize them with stickers, and use free features, or channels. There’s an echo channel, which repeats your words back to you in funny voices. There’s also music…


I didn’t know that Relay could do translation, too. Cool!


Yup, just go into the app and select “Add Channels” and you will be able to toggle which Relays have access to translate. Right now we have English to Spanish, but will hopefully be adding additional in the future. Enjoy translate and let us know if you find this helpful :slight_smile:


It’s awesome! My daughter has been spending the most time on that one lately…even moreso than music, suprisingly!