How Can I check the Charge Status (Battery Level) on my Relay device?


I would love to see two LED lights on the Relay to indicate battery level. Yes, I know someone with a cell phone can check the battery level but someone with just the relay has no idea what the charge level is.

How about Red for “I need charging!”
Green: Good to go

Also, longer battery life would be a great bonus. It really does not stay charged long enough.

Thank you for your consideration.


Quickly tap the “talk” button and the light ring will show you the percent charged the unit is.


Awsome! Thank you for your quick reply.


@Andi_B I don’t see this documented anywhere, perhaps someone should write a note?


On it! Thanks @louisdi! I’ve created this article: How to Check the Battery Level on Your Relay – RelayGo, and updated this one as well: What Do All of the Relay Status Lights Mean? – RelayGo.

@philipb.cjju9a I’m going to go ahead and move this topic to our Q&A section, so you can get your vote back.