How Did You 'Relay' This Summer?


It’s been about 5 months since we launched Relay and The Neighborhood :tada:. We currently have over 500 members (571, to be exact) here in the Relay online community; with some regulars like @Fotoman2100, @Mamajewelbear, @telemon1, @louisdi, and @rolandh, and also some newbies like @Fargojay, @alycritter, @Bebybeb29, and @timtwerp (welcome to The Neighborhood!). I’d like to start opening up some regular discussion topics for us to exchange ideas and share some personal stories. Please feel free to share your own topic ideas, or start discussions as they come to you.

That being said, I’ll kick things off with this week’s discussion…

A lot of folks have mentioned how they have used their Relays this summer. Some to beat the boredom, some to stay connected while the kids were away. With the days winding down and kids getting ready to go back to school (here in Raleigh, traditional public schools start back up August 27th), what have been some of the ways you used Relay this summer? Where did you use them (neighborhood, camp, amusement parks, etc.)?


We’ve used them for the kids to have more independence on bike trails and in malls and such, mostly for communication, but would like to hear other other interesting ideas :bulb:


We’ve used them around the neighborhood, at friend’s houses, at Hershey Park, at Baseball Tournaments, on bikes, on trains, in NY, NJ, CT, DE, MD, PA, DC, VA, NC, SC, GA and FL. Overall, lots of use this summer!

I’ll add to say, lots of attention too. Nearly every parent that sees our kids with a Relay asks, “what’s that?”. I usually just say “a secret” and walk away. Well, not really, but I’ve boiled it down to “a walkie talkie that works on the cell network so it doesn’t matter how far apart you are”. Sometimes they want more info, sometimes that’s enough. I’ve even watched folks look at the Relaygo website while making believe they’re still talking to me. Hopefully some of those conversations have led to sales!


Shortly after we got our relays we went to buy a second car at a dealership a couple hours from home. Having walkie talkies so we could chat along the way made it a memorable experience. It reminded me of convoys in the military…

Also, a little while ago my relay went missing. It turns out my toddler took it and left it on a chair in our back yard where it sat in the sun and rain for two weeks (summer in Alabama). After charging it up it seems like it’s still working, so that’s been a nice experience.


Personally, I like the ‘it’s a secret’ move- perhaps why I’m not part of our marketing team :thinking:. Regardless, glad to hear it’s peaking folks’ interests and we have some fans out there willing to explain it. It’s also good to know how Relay is best and most effectively described to those who are unfamiliar with it- thanks for sharing!

My family has visited Hershey Park many times in the past (whenever we go, my dad spends most of the time regaling everyone with tales of how he worked at the park back when he had summers off in college). I can only imagine how Relay would’ve helped us divide and conquer rides across the park…and possibly tune out my dad’s storytelling…


Very nice indeed! Let us know if you start seeing issues, but I’ll be sure to pass this along to our QA team- I know they’ll be glad to hear it!

I haven’t had any long road trips this summer yet, but I’m excited to try out the ‘Relay convoy’ when I journey up to the mountains in PA in a few weeks. It’ll be an 8 hour drive and I’ll want to check in with my family along the way. Have you and your family found that it’s easier than talk-to-text or speakerphone while on the road?


After testing the Relay devices locally (letting the boys explore the neighborhood alone, taking the Relays on outings with grandma, etc) with our family for a bit we ended up loaning one Relay device to two different families (at different times). One family was local to us in Rockville, MD, the other in Las Vegas, NV. For the local family, the Relay app didn’t yet support communication, so our boys mostly used the devices to contact the kids in the other family.

For the Las Vegas family, I was able to login to the Relay app on the parents phones and used the channel notification to get their attention, but mostly used it to have the kids contact each other.

The Relays have been fun and useful, but also frustrating at times when the Relay can’t get a cellular signal or gets stuck on the edge of our Wifi network while the kids are at the park across the street. The audio quality could be better, but this is primarily related face proximity (eg. user error).

Looking forward to future improvements and additional features.


Thanks for sharing Tim. It’s great that you were able to share your Relays, and please feel free to direct those other families here if they have questions or issues. We’re working on eliminating those frustrations you had, but I understand how limitations with coverage can lead to limitations of experience/fun with the devices. We’ll be eager to hear how it goes once we push our fixes, and the kids (and parents) have more range with their Relays.


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We have used them to allow my daughter to have some extra freedom in the neighborhood with her friends. Also to give some extra ease for communication while I was traveling for work, no easier way to get ahold of dad than to get a notification from a relay, kids loved how easy that was. This past weekend we used them at the State fair which worked out great.