How do I sell my Relay? I don't want it anymore


Relay is not going to work for my needs. Is there any special requirements to transfer it to a new owner?


Well, since it can’t be reactivated after deactivation, selling it is a bit challenging as you would have to sell it activated and transfer the entire account to the new user. If you’re within the return period, that’s likely your better choice. Of course if there’s something that you’re having an issue with that the community can help with, feel free to ask!


Good morning @robgazy !

My name is Bradley and I work on the Product team for Relay. I’m sorry to hear that Relay hasn’t worked out for your needs. We have the ability to re-activate devices, but they have to be cancelled in our system before the re-activation can occur. If you open a ticket either via the Relay Companion app, or by visiting our website , and state you’d like to Return / Cancel an agent will be happy to assist.

We’re interested in gathering user feedback so we can iterate and improve upon the existing product. If you wouldn’t mind, can you please elaborate on why Relay didn’t workout for you?

We appreciate you giving Relay a shot and being an early adopter of our new product. We’re in the early stages of the product life-cycle, and hope that we can earn your business back in the future as we continue to launch new features.

Please don’t hesitate to reach back out to me with your ticket number and I will be happy to expedite the process.

Have a great day!


Wait, is this something new? Can a customer cancel a Relay and then reactivate it themselves a few months later?



We’ve been able to re-active devices since the initial launch. If a customer decides they would like to re-activate a cancelled device 6 months later, all they have to do is open a ticket and provide us with the device IMEI and ICCID of the SIM so we can make the adjustments on our end.


Umm? Reactivation / Account Switch



I understand that my comments don’t align with the link posted above, but we do have the ability to re-activate hardware so long as a member opens a ticket with support and provides their device IMEI and ICCID


I’m very happy to hear Relays can be reactivated. Perhaps documentation ought to be updated to reflect that reality:


Hi Bradley, thanks for reaching out.

I’m very glad to hear that moving Relay between owners is possible.

I have posted a few suggestions over in the Ideas & Feedback section (here, here, here, here, and here as well that are necessary for Relay to be useful for me.

Especially for the child and elderly use cases, I need maximum control over the device and everything it is capable of, just like I can do today with apps like Tasker. With a cheap Android phone I can already do everything I need Relay for, like location tracking, geofencing, speed monitoring, automatic notifications, user alerting, motion detection, and remote device control over sound and microphone.

I think what Relay brings to the table is a great form factor, a dead-simple interface, and a reduced monthly plan. But the real utility only comes when you turn control over to the user. Supporting simple automation apps like IFTT for Relay would be a great beginning. Unfortunately it looks like most of this capability will be locked behind the firewall and accessible only by developers for quite a while.

I know Relay is a work in progress, and I will keep my eye on it. Best of luck!


Those are pretty specific use cases and I’m curious what gave you the impression that Relay would have those things at this point (maybe ever)? It isn’t marketed as an emergency device, there are products out there that have fall detection, and such available, and are designed for those use cases.


Thanks @rolandh

We’re currently working through updating the copy in our articles to reflect the ability to re-activate a device by opening a support ticket!

Thanks for pointing these out!