How do you plan to use your (future) Relay?


I’m likely in for a 3-pack. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. For my youngest who is 9 anything that reduces screentime is fantastic.
  2. For my middle son who is 12 and has a smartphone, but is a rough and tumble kid. Giving him something he can carry in his pocket when climbing a tree, rolling down a hill, etc that we don’t have to worry about breaking, is fantastic.
  3. Me. I love doing things outside. Things like paintball can get rough and messy. I carry my smartphone now so that my wife can reach me in an emergency, or just to check-in. Being able to leave the phone in the car and carry a Relay in this situation really sound attractive.

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I’m think I only need one as long as the app works from multiple phones (I have 9 year old)

we are planning on using it at scout camp-outs to keep tabs of him and the other cub scouts.


I’m still on the fence about whether I’d order right away. The technology lover in me wants to get my hands on one to play with as soon as they’re available. But my kids are 5, 2, and <1 right now. The 5-year old is getting close to an age where I could see this being helpful, but it’s definitely not needed. And while I could definitely find uses for this as an adult, this is clearly in the “nice-to-have” rather than “must-have” category.

So we’ll see. My nephews and nieces are also at ages where this would be a huge help, so maybe I’ll use that as my justification for pulling the trigger. :thinking:

Kid uses that seem interesting:

  • keeping in touch with parents while at a park or someone’s house
  • school/activity pickups
  • setting up plans with friends
  • walkie-talkies while camping/hiking

Adult uses I’d like to try:

  • taking on a run or to other athletic activity
  • leaving behind your phone while still being reachable
  • driving in a caravan on a trip


My daughter and her family needs one attached to the collar of her dog. The dog ran away recently and maybe a simple, “get back here” command over the Relay would have helped. If nothing else, a locator would have made life so much easier. Even someone finding the dog could have made a blind announcement on the Relay around her neck :slight_smile:


As a ham radio operator, I’m quite familiar with push-to-talk communications, and there are many situations where it is extremely convenient and possibly the best communication method. For example…

Casual intermittent conversation, like friends might have if they are in the same room, but aren’t. While a phone is great for continuous conversation, the Relay would be far better for occasional random comments.

Driving in a caravan/convoy. Less distracting to use, and again, the medium readily lends itself to intermittent bursts of chatter with longer quiet periods in-between, yet can still be comfortably used for a “real” conversation when needed.

A family or group of friends can easily keep in touch at a campsite, while hiking or biking, or at a shopping mall or theme park. The small size and wrist-wearability is more convenient than having a phone or radio clipped on a belt, and the range is virtually infinite (as long as you’re in reach of WiFi or Cellular signal, of course, but some sort of peer-to-peer capability might be nice to add, if possible, on the next generation - hint, hint).

Would make for a super-cool doorbell button - answer your door from anywhere. Would even work for full-time RV dwellers, who might not have the internet access required for traditional “connected” doorbells.

I want to get at least two, maybe three, to explore some of these possibilities - both as a substitute for handheld amateur (or FRS) radios when greater distance coverage is needed, and for experimenting with “alternative” uses for RVers and travelers.


I am really looking forward to Relay. I plan to use it with my older kids go to friends houses and explore the outdoors. I’m also interested in trying it as someone who is visually impaired, it may be the perfect phone for those, like me, who cannot easily see the screen on a traditional phone.


Just remember, this isn’t a phone. It is a device that can contact other of the same devices and the associated app, but can’t make calls to phone numbers (or get them).


I’m in the same boat right now with how I plan on using my Relay as an adult!
I personally don’t have kids, so it’s exciting to consider what use cases there will be from an adult communication standpoint.
One of the first things I thought of is something you’ve noted, simply taking a walk or run. My neighborhood is in the downtown area & it will definitely be nice to bring along my Relay for communication when I want to unplug and be away, but have the peace of mind to confidently leave my phone at the house. Sometimes our smartphones can feel like extra limbs that we just cannot go without, but Relay will help me break that feeling :wink:


Ever take a family trip to Disney World and try to coordinate where and when to meet when four of you could be all over the park? Relay would be ideal.


Great idea… A partnership with Six Flags where you rent them at the front near the wheelchairs, for $5/day each or something like that and can leave your cell in a locker so it doesn’t get broken or stolen sounds like a great market!


Can’t wait to use this in the park when I take my boys! They run and jump all over the place and want more independence and now I can keep track of them in a cool way. Look forward to testing it out!


My 9 year old son has autism and is non-verbal and like a lot of kids on the spectrum he is at high risk for elopement. We currently track him with an iPhone hidden in his backpack, but this solution has flaws. The data plan is expensive, we don’t want him playing on the device, and the battery needs frequent charging. There are tracking devices like Angel Sense that are geared towards special needs families, but they are all GSM and won’t work in my neighborhood. Your device seems like a perfect solution. I am hoping that the companion app will have geofence alerts.


I’ve got 2 boys, 6 and 4. Relay would be a great way to have some peace of mind to know they can always reach me or each other at a push of a button. Really like that there’s no screen. Just heard a radio program on benefits to making school a smartphone free zone, with particular concern over too much screen time and texting. Relay would be a great solution to keep in touch and not have those negatives. And definitely will be used for all outings, whether amusement parks, field trips, parks and camping.


I’d use it for my kids, but really considering it for my elderly parent who lives alone. “I’ve fallen and can’t get up”… directly to me.


I’m right there with @greg_s.

My wife & I visit Disney World frequently (5-6 times a year). Relay will be wonderful for us when we’re visiting with extended family & trying to coordinate. I’m looking forward to giving it a shot when I’m down there in a few weeks!

It is great seeing everyone’s ideas for how they’ll use Relay!


I live in a neighborhood with lots of kids and the parents are happy to let them “roam” because we all know each other and trust each other. However, we don’t always know which house they’re at. I think all of us would like to have a Relay for our kids just so we can all know where they are at any time (and be able to call them home from dinner without texting/calling three different houses)!


The weather just turned nice again and the kids are back being outside for as long as they can. Fortunately, they get hungry and tired eventually. I’d get a 2 pack. My reasons for wanting relay:

  1. For my 8 year old who is always pushing the boundaries. She’s already discovered she can download games onto my old Moto X she has for listening to stories. She does not need a screen.
  2. Because the idea is cool and I want one :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. For my 6 year old who stays close to home to be able to find his sister to play with


I will like to have a 4 pk, so that even though I have 3 children they can always reach me directly, without having to go through the talk to text app. My daughter brought up a great point about having to go through the app for the messages. For users who find it difficult for google, or even siri to understand them, that may result in various misconstrued messages. Therefore I feel having my own could assist on the behalf of my boys. They love to ride their bikes but the preserve that is adjacent to our neighborhood leads them on many trails and i will only hope that the tracking part can keep up with them in there and on trips to places like Mall of America. I know that google maps tracks my location pretty well indoors there, so I am hoping the Relay will as well. But my kids have a ton of activities each day so communication (without a screen) is SO important to me!


I haven’t seen this mentioned yet, but I’m considering the Relay for my elderly mother in memory care. She no longer has the faculties to operate a phone - even the simplest of phones - so I’m hoping maybe the Relay will allow her to reach out to myself and other family members just to hear our voices when needing some comfort.

I think she’ll be able to push a single button to communicate, but as always, the situation is fluid and declining.

Hopefully, Relay will be the answer we’ve been looking for. The sooner it is released the better in our case. Anyone else considering Relay for this usage?


Hey @jriems, since we released the concept of Relay in late 2017, this use case has been consistently in the feedback we’re received to date. So yes, there are quite a few folks thinking along these same lines and we are too.

We believe you’ll find Relay will be a great solution for your Mom – the push button is quite large, device can be bright color, very simple to operate, etc. We’d be very interested hearing how it works out should you get her set up with one. Stay tuned…Relay availablity is very close.