How do you plan to use your (future) Relay?


This won’t eliminate the need for Relay, but check out AppLocker for your MotoX. We’re in the same boat. You can set all the apps that are and aren’t accessible, including the google play apps store.


Thanks! I was unsuccessful in finding useful parental controls and I didn’t even think of AppLocker! I’ve downloaded it and will check it out.


I think that I will use the relay as a way to check in on my child(11 years old) when we are out and about. My child is at that age of wanting to look around stores when we are out and going to look at toys/electronics without me. Mine is not much into cellphones and relay would be something easily kept in a pocket and would make communicating much simpler when we are out. At home relay would be used to talk from room to room when my immediate attention is not required.


The benefits of relay to special needs families was my initial thought when I first saw the relay website.


I am also considering this for my Mom. My questions:

  • Will Relay detect a fall and automatically open the channel?
  • Will the app detect movement (or a lack thereof)?
  • Will it will nag the user to recharge it well in advance of battery dying?
  • Will the Relay and the app alert if communication is lost?
  • Any IFTT or Tasker integration possible?

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I’m going to try to use it with my mom and brother. She likes to keep her flip phone turned off, so I’m hoping this is better. She likes to take walks too and because of the size, I think she can just put it in her pocket. She’s 79.

She can handle an iPad and Fire Stick, so this should be a breeze.


These are all great questions. I worry about keeping it charged. My mom likes to turn her cell phone off, which defeats the purpose. The elderly get a lot more focused on the battery and making sure it does not run out.


Hey @czmadness, thanks for your interest in Relay. I really like the use case here.

One additional point about charging the Relay that may be of interest to you is the charging port. It was designed in a way to make it easy for users to charge it (magnet charging pins), while keeping things sealed up from water, dirt, etc. during use. This will make super easy for those that like to keep their devices topped off with charge, just in case.

Easy as 1, 2, 3…


Staying connected with my kindergartner during her bus ride to and from school. Today was her first trip with the Relay. So far so good! I am very pleased with how she (5 yo) is able to use it and understands that we are using it as a device not a toy. I was very excited to hear her say ‘Mommie, I love you’ from her bus on her way to school (~20mins away from home). Looking forward to seeing what is next and how we will be able to use!

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