How does one carry a Relay?


I’ve noted some discussion about ways to carry a Relay (mostly before release, and in announcements), but now that it’s out, I don’t see any mention of those. Does you have to carry it in your hand, or in a pocket? I thought there were plans for a wrist strap (among other things), but I don’t see anything like that on the product page. If I’m just missing something, please point me in the right direction :grinning:


What type of accessories are available?
Relay accessories, such as a clip, will be available shortly after the initial launch.

From the FAQs.

You didn’t miss any available accessories.



Thanks @PlaneTherapist. Here’s the link for reference to those that read this in the future.


My family has been testing the relays for a few weeks now. I was also worried about not having a strap or clip, but honestly, it’s been fine.

My 8-year-old son has biked, roller bladed, climbed trees, skateboarded, run, flipped, gotten into a water fight, numerous nerf gun and laser tag battles, and I don’t even want to know what else, and it hasn’t fallen out of his pocket. I think that because they’re solid (they’re a good weight, but not enough to weigh a kid down), it helps them stay put.

But that’s assuming there’s a pocket to begin with. Girls’ clothes don’t have many pockets, or sometimes they’re too small to hold these in, so the accessories will be nice. I personally think a wrist strap would be too bulky for a kid to wear while playing, but I’d love a clip (kind of like a money clip) or a carabiner type hook - maybe even a combo accessory if my dreams could be answered.


I’m excited to buy this at launch, but I’m concerned about the lack of accessories. Our kids’ pockets are tiny. I’m not sure they’ll fit. Without a belt clip, lanyard hook, or something, I’m afraid they will get left at home.

Relay Questions Answered

As soon as I get mine, one of the first things I’ll be doing is 3D printing some sort of clip that can be connected to a lanyard as I share the same concern.


Just thinking how a bout a tape measure pouch with clip an strap lock . The relay is about that size of a 50 ft tape, or less.


How about something like this:

The mesh will offer some protection, while allowing the sound to pass through (I have a a small bluetooth speaker that came with something like this). You can even press buttons through the mesh without any trouble. And only about a buck each - can’t beat the price.

Just add a carabiner through the drawstring to attach it to belt loop, key ring, or lanyard for carrying.

Similar, but in black:

Couldn’t find one with a Republic or Relay logo, tho :wink:


I just ordered one of each of the following armband products to test with our Relays (expected delivery Friday!) We have 6 and 10 year old sons. Hopefully one of these products fits the relay securely and is comfortable for either one of our boys to wear on either their arm, wrist or leg. We also have an older elastic zipper pouch that goes around your waist. We’ll test all these and report back after this weekend.


For a non-pouch solution, perhaps one of these products by “TheClip”? They’ve been around forever; I’ve used them on phones and radios. They come with 3M adhesive pad that’s almost impossible to unstick once it’s been correctly applied.

There’s one that’s just a simple u-shaped plastic clip - good for belts, pockets, and waistbands:

and a fancier spring-loaded swivel clip that attaches to belt or waistband or whatever, and then mates with a small plastic stud that’s attached to the device:

Either one of these - especially the stud for the swivel clip - should attach to the back of the Relay quite easily. Just make sure you place it so as not to interfere with the charging cable.


I would suggest a necklace format, that would work for girls. You can think of enhancing it aesthetically via accessories. Another is a brooch, that clips on upper chest, close to face. Or bow tie. The talk button can be located without looking so, it does not have to be taken off the shirt.


This weekend I realized the brooch/clip/pin idea could be pretty useful because while out for a run I struggled to interact with the device (to hear messages in a noisy environment, press the button and talk into it) which was on my upper arm in the flexible arm band strap holder previously linked above.

Then the nerd in me realized how this would be similar to a combadge from Star Trek! Cool and nerdy.


The flexible armband sleeve holder ended up being the better fit for the Relay. The other one is way too huge (the larger pouch fits my Nexus 6p with slim case), unless you wanted to use it to carry phone, Relay and some other stuff.

The flexible armband sleeve holder fit on my 10 year old son’s arm, as well as mine, but was too big for my 6 year old’s arm. It fit well on my 6 year old’s upper leg.


LOL! Might be a bit awkward to use that way :rofl:


haha, yeah.

Forgot to say, the Relay speakers and microphone worked really well through the flexible armband sleeve holder.


My son’s first effort at a 3D printed carrier.

3d Printed Accesories

These [grey and black mesh pouches] came today. They are both virtually identical apart from color. There is an inner fine mesh and some sort of thin foam to help keep out dirt and offer slight cushioning, but allows sound to pass through and doesn’t interfere with button pressing. Nice little bags.

OTOH, they’re quite a bit larger than necessary. One might could use them for storing or carrying one Relay with or without the charging cable and charger. Or up to four Relays - two stacks of two, side-by-side, fit perfectly and snugly in one of these bags.

Side note - my Nexus 6 just fits, with a mm or two sticking out the top. Most 5" or smaller phones will fit while allowing the drawstring to be closed. So a useful bag for smaller phones, accessories, etc.

Bottom line? As cheap as they were, I’ll keep 'em. Plenty of uses, including storing and transporting Relays, but probably not ideal as a on-person carrier.


I’m thinking a lanyard like this would be a good solution for kids.


Another good option might be something like these phone rings. A small carabiner would allow it to attach to a belt loop or a regular lanyard.

Phone ring


Good ideas!


I think the Star Trek com badge is a great potential use case example, and hopefully they’ll work toward that in features. A real life example are Vocera badges used in many hospitals. I’d like to see them implement the “Call Jim” type functionality to call a specific person via voice recognition. They are a tremendous tool for large campus staff that need to communicate with one another.