How does one carry a Relay?


This is really great, we used 3D printing a lot when building Relay! We have a case accessory that will be shared out very shortly (can be used to clip to backpack or with a lanyard) and we will continue to solicit user feedback on additional accessories. I look forward to your son’s next creation!


Some of the early versions of Relay used voice recognition to do exactly as you mention. It does work well for larger contact lists but it is not flawless especially with similar names and understanding kids voices. Our worst case scenario was you repeating a command many times before it works…like my kids do with Alexa quite often. For this reason we really wanted to simplify the initial experience. Regardless its a good idea and something we would like to continue to refine with our users to make Relay work for you.


That’s exciting to hear that the accessory will be available soon @mnewton!


The “box” is printed with flexible filament so that it can be flexed for getting the Relay in and out of the case. It works really well. He’s going to try to create some kind of clip (rather than a full box) next. Designing the curves that will require is tougher (and harder for the printer to print as not all surfaces are supported on the bed and supports with flexible filament are challenging) but I’m pretty impressed as to the prototypes he’s built so far given that he’s only 11!


It’s the Fig Clip. The most versatile, powerful…ok im kidding. Enjoy

Just a little clip my son and I built and are happy to share it with the community. Take care.c60b20446ec27de5c96ad4479c5abf3a_preview_featured e0f6c3182f44bce73bb986087a489ddb_preview_tiny figclip