How has Relay Made Your School Days Easier?


We designed Relay to give parents peace of mind when it comes to their kids’ adventures and daily routines. Now that we’re a few months into the (traditional) school year :school:, how’s it going? Community members have already shared how Relay has impacted carpool and bus rides for kids and parents…

… What’s made the mornings and afternoons less stressful for you now that you’re using Relay? Have there been any notable moments for you or your kids? What’s given you peace of mind most on school days?


I bought these devices the last week of summer to be able to communicate with my son who was starting middle school. I had serious reservations about getting him a phone and hoped for something different. Wow did Relay deliver! My son talks to me over the Relay his whole walk from school to meet me. He tells me about his day, he tells me about funny things he sees, he tells me fart jokes. Regardless of what he is saying he is talking to me more than he ever has before. There is something magical about it being a walkie talkie instead of a phone that gets him talking more.
One day a week my son walks from school to our synagogue for Hebrew school. On the Relay he messages me at each area so I know he is ok. I also use the location services a lot like a crazy person making sure where he is along the way.

My third grader also uses hers to find out where to meet me for pick up. It came in especially handing one day when my youngest was sent to the office and I was dealing with that and wasn’t in the front of the school where my daughter thought I would be. A quick mom where are you over the Relay helped relieve her panic of not being able to find me. Overall having these have given us just enough communication capability to relieve stress and confusion.


My son is 10, this is the first year we’ve let him come home on his own (he didn’t want to go to afterschool care anymore) and stay here with his 17 year old sister until we are done at work. It’s been perfect! In the morning I clip the relay in his backpack and drop him off at school. On the walk home he tells me he’s left school, that he’s with a friend, sometimes he sings, he tells me if a driver was rude to him, and once he let me know that he was stopping to enjoy the weather and breathe (seriously). The relay is just what we needed!


The Relay has been great to communicate with my 6th grader riding the bus for the first time to and from middle school. We make sure it is charged up and turned off during the school day, then after school when he gets on the bus he turns it on, and we are able to chat about his day on the way home. The Relay has also been helpful as this is his first year in Youth Group at church, so he’s able to let us know when he needs us to come pick him up. We still want to figure out how to load music onto it!


Thanks for sharing @catherinem.ft19ox! Let The Neighborhood know if you need help/advice for how to get music on your son’s Relay, we’re here to help! Here’s another thread that might be useful as well: Getting Ready for the Relay Music Channel: How Do You Listen to Music?.


Yes! This is great! We got them for my son (3rd grade) who walks to school and home again, it’s offered such great freedom to my son, who feels very grown up when he gets to walk by himself. He does the same thing, chats up a storm the whole way home, we’ve been so happy with our purchase!