How often do you 'Relay'?


We know we have some Relay fans here in The Neighborhood, but we’d like some more information from you about basic use of Relay:

How often do you use Relay?

  • Daily
  • A few times during the week
  • Primarily weekends
  • A few times a month
  • Occasionally for events, trips, etc.

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What additional/missing features would make you use Relay more?

Please comment below.


Would love to see integration with a smart home system such as Google. My daughter allready interacts via our hubs and being to do that via a device like this would be amazing.


Exactly, and add Amazon Echo to this. Our family is talking to Alexa more often than to a Relay. Integration with these technologies is a must.


Right now we only use it on occasion, when my son sleeps over a relatives house or when he rides his bike to a friend’s house on the few nice days we’ve had…we will be using it more as the weather improves and ALOT more once the upgrades are complete where a 3rd party non relay owner can download the app and communicate with him, as this was 1 of the 2 main reasons we purchased - so he can communicate with his father, grandparents and cousins who do not own relays, only smart phones. We are anxiously awaiting this upgrade! Yay!!! Once this is implemented our usage will go from few xs/month to most likely almost daily, if not daily!