How Often Do You Use Your Relays?


As I’ve been looking through the Neighborhood and reading the survey responses, I have noticed mixed answers when it comes to how often you use your Relay devices. It has been interesting to read what activities you like to use your Relays for, and when you like to use them.

Some of you have said that you and your children have it with them the majority of the time, including at work and school during the week. Others have said they only use it about a quarter of the time during the week because they are not supposed to use devices in school or work, so they leave it at home during the day.

Most have said that their children have their Relays with them majorit of the time on the weekends, especially when out riding their bikes or playing around the neighborhood with their friends.

So, I am interested to know:

1. How often does your family use Relay?

2. Why do you choose to let your children have or not have them during the week? During the weekend?

3. Have you implemented any “rules” around when your children can and cannot access their Relays?

Additionally, with the current app version you are able to use the Relay app to track your devices’ locations, check their connection status and battery levels, as well as connect them to WiFi.

1. How (if at all) have you noticed your overall data usage changing by using the app? Do you notice much difference in the amount of data you were using before vs. what you are using now with your Relays?

2. How does it compare to your expectations of data usage? Does it use more, less, or exactly what you expected?

I am looking forward to hearing your feedback!


We have our Relays with us everyday. When the kids are at school then have them but turn them off, that way they have them just in case. We really have not needed to make any rules yet.
I always had extra data I never used so haven’t noticed data usage at all. I was not sure how much data it would take.


We use them mostly use them before and after school and on weekends. I haven’t noticed any data changes.


Good insight - thank you for sharing!

When I think of Relay I think of children having them at school to alert parents of changes in a schedule for after school activities or a late school bus. Do they take them to school but keep them turned off in their backpack or locker or do the Relays stay at home during school hours?

I can absolutely see the use cases for carrying Relays after school and on the weekends when children are playing with friends, riding their bikes around the Neighborhood, or going to sports practices. It is great to be able to have Relays in cases like this to remain close but still give kids the freedom they want.


My son has taken his relay to school a couple of times, but not regularly. I was worried about having a device at school, but his school is now a bring your own device. So if kids are going in with Gizmos/Tinitells, etc. and laptops, a walkie-talkie that can only talk to me shouldn’t be an issue. We do tell him to keep it in his back pack.

Originally, I kept the relay at home during the school day because I don’t want him having that safety net of being able to call me. I want him to learn how to deal with things on his own. I think now that the relay isn’t such a novelty and he’s not actively looking to play with it as a gadget, I’ll start letting him take it to school. The couple of times he’s taken it, he’s been able to go play/roam right off the bus.

At my kids’ age, there’s not a lot of change in schedule that they’d need to tell me about and between the bus app that our county uses, and the school tweeting the time each bus leaves, there’s really no need for him to tell me that his bus is running late. But there might be the odd occasion when they miss the bus, or the bus gets lost (it actually happened twice this year) where it would have been nice to have had relays.

We haven’t seen a big change in our data usage, but I’m mostly in places with wifi unless I’m driving.


Our relays are used everyday. My daughter has hers’ whenever she isn’t with us. We haven’t set any rules as we don’t feel there’s a need since there’s no screen :slight_smile: I haven’t noticed any difference in data changes.