How often does GPS check location and how accurate is it?


My kids are pretty active and so I would like to know how often Relay GPS checks with the towers to report the location, even if the location of the kids doesn’t change dramatically. Also how accurate is the GPS in feet and can I use myown navigation app?


This is done in the companion app. You will refresh the location, so it looks at the location every time you tell it to.

It will depend on a lot of factors like all GPS, but we have done all of the things we can to make it as accurate as possible.

We do not have a navigation app, you can select the location and the Google Map app will open.


Anyone else having trouble with incorrect GPS tracking? Mine always seems to be way off, a mile or more away from where I know it is. Wondering if that has to do with the “Fair” cell signal we always have on the Relay or if GPS is totally separate.


Signal strength could be a cause, but to be sure, we’d recommend opening a help ticket so our technicians can explore any/all possible causes.


That’s interesting. I’m curious how cellular signal would result in erroneous GPS results unless the assumption is that cellular signal is poor because the Relay is in an RF unfriendly environment (basement, steel structure, etc) and therefore the GPS signal is also weak?


Thanks @louisdi; I stand corrected :slight_smile: . I should’ve said they both could be products of the same cause. Regardless, a ticket would be the way to go if you’re seeing both inaccurate GPS and poor signal.


It wasn’t meant as a correction, I was genuinely curious of there was something unique about the way the Relay does location services (for instance for battery saving purposes) that perhaps used the cell towers more versus GPS, etc.