How rugged is Relay?

  • Is the Relay shock resistant according to the ISO 1413 Horology (being dropped from 1 meter onto a hardwood surface)?
  • What about dirt? The video shows it being tossed onto the ground, but I see those tiny holes for the speaker and they look like the would collect dirt. I assume there is a protector on the inside, but how would I clean the Relay? Can of air?


Hi @Bob thanks for your questions. Durability was one of the key design principles as we built Relay. We designed it to withstand 1 meter drops and have run reliability testing against it from multiple heights and surface conditions. ISO 1413 relates more to watches (they should keep time properly after a shock event), but we run a battery of tests more in the mobile device space called Accelerated Life Testing. We get to have some fun attempting to break it! The outer housing material will actually compress in a drop event, a bit like a shock absorber. This combines with the intentional surface curvature to distribute force away from the impact. And of course not having a glass display really helps us!

Regarding dirt, and this somewhat applies to water ingress, we have sealed all the ports of the device. Our intention is that the device can withstand a quick drop into a puddle or a strong rain storm without any issue. It is possible for dirt or sand to get into the holes of the top surface, but a quick breath will probably do the trick without needing a can of air. So far in testing we have not seen collection of dirt to be an issue. Lastly the speaker and mic holes have a waterproof/dustproof membrane, so the material won’t penetrate into the device.

Thanks again for your questions!


We’ve gone ahead and created a couple of Help articles for anyone who has these same questions/concerns in the future: How Kid-Friendly/Durable is Relay? – RelayGo & How Waterproof or Dustproof is Relay? – RelayGo.

Thanks again for bringing these up, @Bob and keep the questions coming!


Can you comment specifically on the IP rating of the Relay. Assuming it’s IP54 but would like to know for sure. @Andi_B @mnewton


@spitts1980 Relay is still in IP certification testing but has already passed IPX5 (water jets) which is above the level you were asking about. We continue to run full immersion testing to ensure Relay is as robust as possible. As mentioned above we designed it to withstand very brief immersion such as a drop into a puddle or a quick rinse in the sink.


My family did a little accidental durability testing of our own. Since we don’t have a carry strap/case yet, my son has been keeping his Relay in his back pocket when outside. Well his shorts (with the Relay still in it) went through an entire laundry cycle followed by a run through the dryer. :scream: I thought for sure it was dead. It was dry, but I put it in a bag with some rice and a few desiccant packets overnight and let it dry some more in the sun. It first appeared unresponsive, but after charging for a half hour with no indicator light​:face_with_thermometer:, I was able to power it up. The ring light kept spinning and spinning, but eventually i was able to re activate it. It appears to be working normally now.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone try it, but it did survive. I was very happily surprised that it survived!!


I shared this on another thread, but my relay got kidnapped and left on a chair in our back yard for 2 weeks (I was so bummed that I couldn’t find it anywhere). It seems to be doing ok despite being exposed to heavy rain and hot Alabama sun. Before that I took it on a canoe trip which was fun.