How to connect to a captive portal?



Trying to connect a relay to a wireless network that is a captive portal. I could not make it happen and it responded with the error message about captive portal.

On a phone you agree to the terms and conditions.

Perhaps a feature would be to “cast” the terms and conditions to the phone screen.

Not sure it is feasible unless bc somehow tethered to the relay directly.


Moved this to a discussion so that the request can be hashed out.


Relay isn’t compatible with “captive portal” networks (any WiFi network that requires user interaction on the connecting device to confirm) Can I Connect Relay to a Guest WiFi Network? – RelayGo

Documentation indicates you can not.


Yeah, that is why I opened as a feature. There has to be a way to add a captive portal to improve the relay connectivity in a poor cellular area.


i too wish for captive portal busting to be part of the relay feature set.
i see two tractable ways to do it:

  1. republic wireless used to have a captive portal feature for their phones. it was discontinued some time ago, but perhaps the same code could be deployed on relays?
  2. i like your idea regarding “casting” the screen to a phone. it could be a little more simple than that sounds, though, by recording the transaction between the phone and captive portal (this means the relay app has to be used to get the phone online so it can do the recording) then sending a copy of the transaction to the relay to be replayed by the relay to get online.

i recently had an issue where i connected my son’s relay to a captive portal wifi (Target WiFi, at a target store) and the relay didn’t default back to cellular data. that meant, while at the store, the relay was completely offline: it was connected to target wifi but couldn’t get past the captive portal AND it wasn’t going back to cell. it was really hard to get the relay to “forget” target wifi after that, since you can only “forget” a network while it is in range, and the device would automatically try to reconnect to the wifi once it was in range (disconnecting it from cellular and therefore making it unreachable from the app). at the very least i would want a SOLID and CONSISTENT mechanism to get back onto cellular when the wifi connection is bad/unusable…