I can hear another family on our Relays


This morning, my wife and son began hearing a conversation from another family with Relays on our Relays. My phone is also getting continues Channel Alert Sent messages from “Witty Tiger” which I assume are from this other family. Our Witty Tiger is sitting by itself on the table. When we use our Relays they work as normal but we still hear the other family. I don’t know they also hear us. This persisted even after rebooting our Relays.

I don’t understand how this is even possible: aren’t the Relays attached to one master Republic Wireless account and don’t each have their own unique phone numbers?

Do all Relays have the same names based on their color? I’ll also file an email ticket as well about this.


Woah! That is definitely strange something we need to look into ASAP…Each device has its own unique id number and the name corresponds in its uniqueness, and they are tied to each member’s unique service line. We’d definitely ask that you open a ticket so we can look into this. Please let me know the ticket number once you submit it and I’ll make sure this gets in the right hands.


Thanks! Filed. #1420592