I Love Republic, But Relay Is Useless


The companion app is crap. There’s no way I can have the app open on my phone all day long. The volume and power buttons are too tiny to even see. My poor son can’t contact his friends, I’m not going to give strangers my login information. There really needs to be an SOS feature considering all the school shootings and crazy stuff in this world. There’s no digital display of the time. No Google Assistant. I can’t contact only one son at a time. My poor preteen can’t shut up the chatter of his brother all day long.

I understand most of these things are being worked on. But I didn’t just pay $175 and and $6 a month to be a beta tester. This is really disappointing.


You shouldn’t have to, all kids need to do is hold down the volume button for 3 seconds to send a notification to your phone that they need you. Then you can reply pretty quickly.

I agree some people have said that they mark them with a sharpie, might help.

It is a crazy world, how would you envision an SOS feature working? Is it similar to the channel alert I mentioned above? If you have a clear vision on this try adding it to the growing list of feature requests #share:ideas

There is no display at all, but maybe your kids can ask the assistant when we have that in place. We are working hard on that.

We will have this with the channels release but one customer had an idea for doing this without creating channels. One-to-one communication without separate channels Vote on that and any other feature you like. The Product Team is watching that to know what people want us to prioritize.

Right now we have a simple cellular walkie-talkie that can interface with a smartphone. That part is not in beta.

New features will continue to grow the value of the service some features will be more useful to some and less to others. Stick with it we have so much more to come.


My phone app doesn’t open on its own when being contacted either. I’ve confirmed all notifications are ON in my settings too. :(.

I also read there should be a channel for just the relays to talk to each other, without including the parent app, but that’s not the case on ours. We have the Relay channel and then echo, which is useless for kids that don’t use it for a toy.

Also, one of our Relays speaks crystal clear, but the other is very harsh sounding with crackles. Not sure why that it.

Lastly, I see an example on the main page of the user all with the kids names listed next to their Relays, but then I read there’s no way to change each Relays name. So we’re stuck with Diligent Octopus and Polite Frog - my 11yr old is a bit embarrassed by those names.


The app doesn’t open on its own. You receive a notification, you have to tap that notification to open the app.

There is only one channel at the present time. It includes all Relays and any associated apps. However, the app doesn’t receive notifications for conversation, instead the user sends an alert to the app by holding down the volume button for 2 seconds. This notifies the app user that the Relay user wants their attention. So, as long as the App isn’t open in the foreground on the phone, and the user doesn’t send an alert, then the App isn’t “bothered” by chat between the Relays.

You’re correct, this isn’t a feature at this time. If your 11 year old is carrying a Relay how would they be exposed to the name as you really only see it in the App or when there’s an error message.


My app doesn’t get notifications either. The app doesn’t do anything when we send a notification from the relay. It doesn’t do anything when opened, closed or my phone is locked and I have all the notifications for the Relay app set up correctly on my iOS.

The name feature is an issue for me because I’d like to be able to see my child’s names as I’m contacting them. I’m stuck on this because it shows it on your webpage. It’s frustrating to me that I purchased this based on everything I saw on your website since there wasn’t much word of mouth on it yet. Just not sure why it shows kids names next to their relays on the app on your website if that’s not even a functionality of it yet.


First, let me be clear, I’m a customer like you, I’m not a Republic employee. Nothing here is mine.

I get it, at the present time, I find it not to be too much of an issue because you communicate with all Relays at the same time. We’ve just had to remember which child has which color when we want to use the location feature.

The Channel Alert feature isn’t yet active on iOS.