I love that it doesn't have a Screen


I love that the Relay doesn’t have a screen. This is what we’re looking for. My 9 y.o is a gymnast and being able to contact her , even to let her know I’m outside the gym to get her is great. She can also use it when she’s at her friends house, etc. Same with my 7 y/o son. I’m probably going to get a 3-pack. One for myself too because I don’t need to bring my phone with me everywhere.

Question: Does anyone know if the Relay will have a vibration mode?? If my daughter is in a noisy situation, the vibration on her wrist would enable her to hear that I’m calling her.


I’m with you, I love that it does not have a screen for a few reasons. 1. My 10 year old gets very distracted with playing on a traditional smart phone and tends to not answer it because she is doing other things. Taking the screen away makes this the communication device i need with her, at this point. 2. The screen is the most expensive thing to repair and easily damaged.


Not having a screen makes it great for adults, too, especially while driving, bicycling, or motorcycling. No need to take one’s eyes off the road, and no temptation to even glance at notifications (because there aren’t any!)or engage in texting.

I can see these being quite useful for food delivery drivers and bike messengers. Any idea how many units can be grouped together? Relay could be a great solution for small businesses - safer than a phone while driving, and more affordable than installing and maintaining a fleet of trunked two-way radios.


The vibrate mode is something I was wondering about too. It will have the LED lights that light up and change colors for different functions. Your daughter should be able to see those if it’s on her wrist.

LED light ring to show battery level, talk status, and more

  • It has sixteen LED lights. We recently increased this from eight lights, meaning that each light now uses less power to create the same brightness. This saves battery life and makes for smooth motion and color transition


Ah, thank you. I didn’t realize about the lights. Wonderful.


Glad to hear how excited you are to use Relay with your family! Relay does vibrate on incoming messages to help alert you that someone is about to start talking.


Hey @homelessonwheels, I completely agree that there are a lot of alternative uses for Relay beyond families. We are excited to see the creative uses our members find for them! To answer your question about group size, we are planning to limit groups to 10 users at launch. We will evaluate how this works and adjust based on real-world feedback and performance.


One of the things I like about Relay is that it’s simple. I would feel safe using it while driving. I wouldn’t need to take my eyes off the road. The simpler, the better.


I would actually like to be able to text back and forth with my kids. I don’t want a full smart phone, and I don’t want them to be able to text anyone they please, but I think it would be handy to be able to text. That would, of course, require a screen.


At that point you’re essentially talking a smartphone with parental controls or a service that offers dumb phones with limitation on the network side. A different use case than Relay.


I had one of these back in the day - I’m pretty sure they (and the associated service) are still available.

Would be useful for someone needing a distraction-free communication device but either doesn’t want or can’t use voice communication.


Curious: how does she have it on her wrist? Thanks.