I would love to have a complete user manual



We received our two relays last week. Setup and basic usage was pretty simple so that’s good. But I would like some documentation. For example the light ring clearly has a lot of usage design in it. Colors etc. but I don’t have any docs to tell me what they mean. So far I’ve had to hunt and peck the forums for ‘what might the relay do under these circumstances?’ And the rest we have learned by chance.

It would be nice if we had a pdf that outlines the basic usage and signaling methods the relays use. Then we know ‘the ring light will show you battery levels of you press the button one quickly.’ And similar usage guidance.

I’m hoping for example that there will in the future be a way to leave a signal on a relay to check in. For example if the relay user can’t respond at the moment I can have the relay blink blue or something so they know to check in when they see it. But if the docs remain the same I won’t know what a blue ring means vs a red ring or a spinning color wheel or whatever.


Admittedly, it’s not exactly what you propose, however, have you seen Relay’s help documentation site: RelayGo?


I had the same issue. It’s OK for information to be distributed across venues, but there really needs to be one easy to find, complete, up-to-date user guide with all features and operations described. It turns out that the device does not do much right now (I can track it, echo my modified voice, and talk to another relay on my account [if I had one]), and I spent a long time figuring that out.


I have and I find it to be more of a Q&A site than a useful guide. The problem is that out of the box I don’t know what questions to ask. So how would I know where to look? That site is informative, but it doesn’t help you figure out how to initially use your relay and how to interpret its signals. That info might exist in that site but you probably won’t find it.

It’s as if a car owners manual had ‘how to change your cars oil’ in some appendix someplace. but didn’t have anything to tell you that you need to change the oil or guidance on how often to do it what kind of oil to use etc. (what do you mean I shouldn’t use canola oil? Where is THAT info? )


An easily to find PDF version of a manual that’s updated as changes made or features added would make life easier for members.


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I’m also getting a blank page when attempting to go to the Share category using Chrome and Firefox. Refreshed pages etc. Share - The Neighborhood


I agree a user manual would be most helpful. PDF format is fine.

I have 2 Relays: one is activated, the second won’t activate (I have an open ticket). It is too cumbersome to poke around in the Help center looking for something pertinent.


A user manual, not matter how complete, is unlikely to address troubleshooting steps other than the very most basic. One would likely still have to use the help center (or a ticket) to resolve such issues.


Gotta disagree. How do you know what is trivial? Until you have a basic understanding of what it is supposed to do, you don’t know what’s wrong. This is why a basic starting point like a manual is required. That way you know what to expect and what is out of the ordinary.

For example How long should the battery last? 2 hours? 24? 48? I have to search for that. So how do I know what needs troubleshooting? A manual can give the basics of what should happen and how to resolve. That’s basic yes, but essential.


A well informed user can make troubleshooting easier for the gurus if problems do arise. This is one device not multiple phones like RW phone service. The Relay and app need a manual for reference as most purchasers would expect. Please free the parents from the screen time needed to browse 100 plus articles.


So the 100 articles should be combined in to a giant PDF and that makes things better?



There are many wasted and repeated words in the help documentation. If user relevant information was used it would be a compact. Members are looking for a full blown troubleshooting manual.


Giant PDFs are searchable using the find query. They are printable for those uncomfortable with reading on screens. They require no e-mail login or membership to distribute or read. They can be linked to via a slip of paper shipped with the device/s or printed directly on the box. If authored correctly they are easier to browse through - having a table of contents and a logical section division. Most smart phones have a downloadable PDF handbook equaling 8 pages @ 8 x 11. So I doubt the Relay would push that page amount further making it a reasonable venture to help users understand the device.


I’m gonna +1 this. Just list all the CURRENT features. There aren’t many . . .

I can find more about what’s planned than what’s current. Frankly, i’m kinda pissed. Right now, I feel like I have a pair of $150 walkie-talkies. I got them for the sole purpose advertised:

Relay to Phone

Your child simply presses one button and speaks a message—then you instantly receive it on your Relay phone app. And it’s just as easy for you to reply.

I have tried and tried and I only get the audio to go from one relay to the other. I haven’t received any audio to my phone nor been able to send audio from my phone. Admittedly, it’s only been out of the box for 2 hours and I tried to force an update, but the update never takes. I’ll wait to see if it updates tonight and possibly those features will pop up once complete.

But come on: there are like two features on this thing, how hard is it to produce a comprehensive how-to guide? Tell me how to communicate and how to find the Relay via GPS. That’s all I ask for.


That’s coming. As of a couple of weeks ago, it was 4-6 weeks.


I’ve changed the status of this process-improvement request to “under-development”. Our documentation team is working on a user guide as we speak/type and we hope to have that published soon. Thanks all for the helpful feedback!


Hi @kimberlyrod please keep in mind that as early adopters/Relay insiders who agreed to get your Relays early, there will be limited features. This should have been communicated to you via an email and/or a direct call from our support staff. If you (or anyone else) feels this was not explained to them, please send me a direct message and I will review communications we’ve had with you regarding your Relay early purchase & receipt. We want your experience with Relay to be a positive one and if we need to improve how we’re managing expectations for this first iteration, I’d like to hear your feedback.

As far as the update, that will happen overnight as explained in this article: How to Update Relay's Software – RelayGo.

Thanks to yours and others’ feedback in this thread, we’re already getting to work on a User Guide and hope to have that published soon. In the meantime, these articles may be helpful in getting acclimated: