I would love to have a complete user manual



Did you read the email that offered you the opportunity to get your Relay early? It specifically said that the feature you are complaining about would not be available for 4-6 weeks. We are only 2 weeks into that time period.


A simple user guide will be great. The mystery of the multi color light ring grows. When they are charging they seem to come on, turn off, pulse, and do other stuff randomly - seemingly not in relation to the state of charge.

Come to think of it, that light ring has a lot of potential, like alerting someone about traffic on another channel (when channels are added) by lighting up a certain color.


Thank you all so much for your feedback! We have created a couple of new articles that should help with this idea. They are in basic form to start, but we will evolve them over time to look more like a traditional user guide.

Please feel free to provide feedback here as well on how we can improve them or what else we can add.

Thanks again!

Quick Start Guide - Using Relay
How to Use Relay


Agreed. My Relay acts very much like you describe.


Hi @queenbee,
Thanks for organizing some content into a guide. I especially like the format of the Quick Start Guide with alternating text and photo on left/right.

One comment on How to Send/Receive a Message Using Relay – RelayGo, could the tones, which the Relay makes after sending a message, be explained? The way the two different tones sound feels like one means the message was received and the other meaning it wasn’t, but I don’t think this is explained anywhere. Am I right?



Thanks for the feedback @timwood. I will get this addressed asap. :smile:


QSG a good start. Thanks.

Traditionally the Set Up is part of and at the beginning of a QSG. You may want to combine the two into one document. Why make members open another easily missed link just to get to step one?


Hi @timwood,

I’ve added some details to this document to help translate some of those beeps. Please let me know if you have any feedback on my choices for onomatopoeia.



Shouldn’t this part of the user manual or QSG?


Hi @PlaneTherapist,

This article - How to Send/Receive a Message Using Relay - is linked to from both the Quick Start Guide - Using Relay (at the bottom of the Sending a message section) and the How to Use Relay “User Guide”.

Was there another location you were hoping to see this information? (Note that we want to avoid duplicating information in multiple articles, which is why we provide a link to the “How to Send/Receive a Message Using Relay” articles in these two guides.)




Too many links at RW already. So many in fact they have formed a chain holding you down. Folks asked for a user downloadable manual not a 100 links.


Have to agree way to many links a pdf manual to down load would be great. I just got mine today an what a strain to get activated. Got 1 done the other relay Just wont work I will let charge for a couple hours.I have,holding my breath that ir will work.


Hi @denver,
Your onomatopoeia choices seem good, but I also haven’t used our Relays in a week or two, so I’ll double check tonight.

Another comment on the “To receive a message” section of that document. Step two (below) isn’t actually a requirement today. I remember seeing a relay device, while on the echo channel, receive a message sent from my Android phone’s Relay app.

  1. Ensure that Relay is set to the Relay Channel


@timwood Good find! Updated!


Is there ever going to be a user manual besides a list of links? Thanks.


At this point in the life of Relay I can understand why they do not have an owners manual. With so much functionality being worked on and to come, to come it does not make sense to have one.

At the same time it would be nice to for new purchasers to have a pdf manual with activation process and other beginner information. Since this would be in PDF format it would easier to update and up to customer if they wanted to print.


Agree with this!!


I remain confused by this request. Given current functionality, what would the user manual be beyond this:

  1. Press power button to turn on Relay
  2. Press volume button to cycle through volume levels
  3. Hold both volume and power button to lock/unlock device
  4. Hold volume button to send a “channel alert” to Relay App
  5. Tap Main button to check battery level
  6. Hold main button to talk

At this point, there isn’t much else to it.


There’s a lot to it. Explaining sounds and what they mean. How to do a channel alert. What do the basic ring colors signify? How to tell your relays name? How to join WiFi. How about the basic operational paradigms of the system and what to expect? Where to go? Etc.

I grant things are in flux. But sending people a box with a note that basically says 'here ya go ya got a device, go to this site and figure it out" is a poor way to start it. I don’t mind so much the full online docs But I do want something better to help a user get started. That gives the user a footing to go deeper.

For example Naming conventions are important. Do I search for red ring? Red circle? Red talk button? A more complete starter doc would help with that. A new user has none of that in their head. It makes it hard to figure out how and where to look for info.