Increased monthly rates in future? (Tell me why I need a Relay instead of a Treadmill)


Can you give a timetable as to when the first gen Relays will go extinct (a year, maybe two)? Can you also surmise when music streaming, number of users and other data sinks will drive the monthly rate up (have you allocated users that don’t bother to connect to WiFi or abuse the data use)? Thanks! And thanks to @louisdi I was rambling in the previous version .


I think you’re misrepresenting what happened with Republic, but that being said, I doubt Republic (or any other business) is going to commit to a specific price structure on a no-contract service.


I am totally misrepresenting what happened with Republic. I am very narrow minded so my point of view is strictly from my own experiences. I 'm sure the company had sound reasons for the price change. But, after having invented this wheel of wifi/data discount phone service I should hope that they are applying what they discovered from Republic and will therefore avoid a lot of future hardware/service changes. Sometimes the subtle differences in a reply like, “We don’t forsee a future price increase in the near future” or “There is no way to forsee a future price increase” can tell you wether they are trying to be honest while selling a product or if they haven’t thought of it at all and you can expect some bumps and pricey hardware fixes within the year. Thanks for clarifying my initial thoughts. I didn’t mean for it to come off as an attack on Republic. Just a statement on my fear of investment over the cost of Relay over a treadmill, really.


I forgot to address the treadmill question. With a relay you can feel more comfortable going outside for your walk/run while still knowing you can always be in touch at the simple click of a button, and won’t need the treadmill at all!


I’m going to try my best to answer your exact questions in this topic, but also address the sentiment I think you’re getting at. Please correct me if I misunderstand or misinterpret anything, though.

To answer your direct questions first:

We cannot give a timetable for dates or when iterations of Relay will be replaced by newer versions, nor can we guarantee/promise monthly rates will remain at $6.99/mo.

Now, to try and shed some light on what I think you’re getting at with these questions…
With the understanding that this is a time of heavy speculation about Relay due to the fact that: a) it’s a completely new product, and b) only a handful of people actually possess the device as of right now, I can say that we are doing everything we can to make sure this is a product our Relay members and their families can trust. We’ve developed Relay as a solution to a lot of issues that we see in modern day-to-day life when it comes to technology/smartphones, and we’re determined to deliver on that. We will always strive to do right by our Relay members, and any decisions we make regarding things like timeline and price will be done only after much consideration regarding those whose trust matters most to us.

Hopefully, this determination behind Relay will sway you away from the treadmill. Please let me know if I missed anything, or if there’s a direct question/concern of yours that I’ve missed. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer! I actually completely trust Republic, and I know the Relay has a good future, I was just hoping my upfront costs and a year’s plan would be less than a treadmill. I was also hoping that the team at Relay was aware of the possibility of potential hardware flaws and user misuse that could affect future prices. I think with a solid team of worry worts, mathmagicians and researchers years 1-3 could operate without a very steep price increase or hardware overhaul. But after considering all the unique benefits of the Relay over a treadmill I think I’m pretty sold on the Relay. Should I have to buy another one in a year I think the ability to communicate with my kid in that time is still worth it.


Your comparison to a treadmill is completely lost on me.


Treadmills are for exercise.
Exercise releases endorphins.
Endorphins make people happier.
Happier people are easier to communicate with.
Communication is the point of the Relay.