Internet Safety Tips



Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Relay empowers kids to seize their independence without many of the risks that come with the internet and screens. But it is always important to keep safety in mind when using any device. Here are some guidelines for what you can do as a parent to ensure that your child is using Relay safely.


Relay isn’t a phone—it doesn’t have a screen or a phone number.

But it is an internet-connected device. To grow up safe and savvy in the digital age,
it’s important that kids learn how to protect their privacy and self-regulate their internet time.


Not sure you want your child using some of Relay’s channels?

No problem—you can control channels, location tracking and more from the Relay companion app. It’s customizable for every family to keep your child safe.

Relay parental controls
Turn on location tracking

Features in the works:
Add new channels
Create channels with Relays on other accounts
Parental approval for new channels


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