Issues checking out?


Anybody else having an issue checking out? I just keep getting a message “The order request failed”


Thanks for letting us know you’re having some issues with the check out process. Are you by chance purchasing using an AMEX card? We have just resolved an issue with using AMEX.
If that is not your card type, we may also suggest trying to purchase in an incognito window in your browser.
Please feel free to go ahead and open a help ticket with us by emailing, and our agents can jump in to make sure we get this resolved for you right away :slight_smile:
Gotta make sure we get your Relay to you!


I tried two different Visa’s. I actually did successfully make a purchase, but this time instead of using my existing Republic wireless account, I created a new one with a different email address. Not sure if that was the cause of the issue or not!


Great to hear that you were able to complete your purchase! Apologies for those issues you encountered. If you run into any issues, always feel free to send us an email at the email address listed above :slight_smile: