It's Screen Free Week!


Now through May 6th is Screen Free Week, and we’d like to encourage you and your family to un-tether from the glowing TV, smartphone, tablet, and computer screens, and reconnect! We’ll share some ideas for activities you can do together and offer screen-free survival tips via our blog post on 10 Screen Free Week Activities for Kids.

To get the ball rolling, we’d love to hear from you, our Neighbors :house::
What are some things that you and your family do now as a way to disconnect from screens?
What have you used to turn boredom into something amazing/entertaining/inspiring?

Here’s a little anecdote from my childhood:
When I was younger, and my sister and I had a heap of friends over for the day, we’d start out watching a movie, playing a video game, or entertaining ourselves with toys or board games for a few hours. Then inevitably, we’d burst into my dad’s office (while he was working), and hit him with the “we’re bored” routine :expressionless:. It didn’t matter that we had thousands of things to occupy ourselves; what we really meant was, “we need a change of pace” when it comes to play… Enter my dad’s scavenger hunts. He’d grab a piece of graph paper, write up some clues, maybe scribble a quick map for us, and send us outside to discover (and likely get out of his hair so he could get some work done). In hindsight, I think there were a few advantages he had as a parent here:

  • He could set a perimeter with the map :world_map:, so we’d stay in the yard/near the house where he could keep an eye on us.
  • He got us outside :evergreen_tree::sun_with_face::leaves::tulip::shamrock: and away from the television screen, video games, etc :dizzy_face:.
  • It took max 25 minutes for him to formulate the scavenger hunt, but it kept us occupied for a couple hours :timer_clock:!

While technology/screen-beholden activities may not have been as prevalent when I was younger, there was still a need for us as kids to get outside and explore :mag:!

Our hope is that you and your family will find your own “dad’s scavenger hunt” and become more comfortable breaking away from technology and recreating family time. As we kick off Screen Free Week, tell us about a time when boredom turned into something amazing!!!


To avoid boredom, I save cardboard boxes from online orders for my son to cut up and use for forts and props. Whenever he’s bored, he can dig into the pile and start creating all kinds of stuff. I’ve seen him create a “secret military fort”, an “evil science lab”, a spaceship, a fighter jet, a “factory machine” that creates imaginary products, and most recently I came home to him dressed up as an astronaut! (see pic)