I've read great things about the "water resistance" aspect of Relay, but alas


We’ve had our Relay since last summer, and I haven’t been quiet with giving it rave reviews on social media and commenting on articles I see mentioning it. Anyway, I figured if it could stand up to our rugged 8 year old’s playtime, it could stand up to 95% of other kids’.

Unfortunately, I think I was a bit arrogant. She took it down to the creek with her a few days ago, and it’s shot. She claims it only got “a little bit” wet, but the strap she carries it on was soaked, and it no longer powered up by the time she got it home. I’m positive it was submerged in creek water. We’ve let it dry out for several days now and have been charging it intermittently in hopes of revival, but nothing so far.

Any other suggestions, or are we at a loss here? I’ll shell out the additional $50 to get another one if I have to, but for now, we are paying a monthly fee for something that isn’t operable. Still, I’d be happy to try something else before tossing our beloved firstborn (first Relay, that is) into the garbage.


Sorry for your loss, even if it is a piece of electronics. Have you opened a ticket with Relay support? If not I would start there.

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I just activated the ones we got over Christmas, turns out one or possibly two was stuck on old firmware and unable to be updated. It’s being handled.

@KrisCros4911 Anyway as far as water resistance go. I don’t think there’s much saving electronics if that much water gets inside and there is no hydrophobic coating repelling the water. Usually in the case of a soak you need to immediately pull out the battery to prevent shorting. Then you need to dry it completely before attempting to power on and charging. There’s also corrosion that happens after exposure to water. Water is the root of all evil in electronics.

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Don’t give up yet. Contact tech support. My Son’s relay went through the washing machine and dryer last summer (before the case/strap was available he kept it the pocket of his shorts). Anyway, I left it in the sun for awhile to dry out and kept it in a container overnight with some leftover dessicant before charging it. It wouldn’t light up when charging and appeared to be completely dead. I called tech support and they helped me bring it back to life. If I remember right, when battery is completely drained it needs to charge for a 1/2 hour before the charge indicator lights will even come on. Amazingly, there Relay is still working almost a year later. Good luck!!