LEDs behave oddly, battery stuck at 50%


Of three relays, all of them seem to communicate fine, but one of them seems to be stuck at exactly 50% battery according to the app, regardless of how long it charges or discharges. While charging, the LED ring remains at about 2/3, light blue, with an occasional additional dark blue segment flashing.

Also, upon power-up, the two apparently normal Relays show a green ring until the first button press, while the one with the “stuck” battery does not display the green ring at startup. But, like I said, it otherwise works as far as audio sending/receiving and location reporting. It even correctly indicates “charging” or “discharging” in the app - only the battery level is “stuck”.

I’ve considered trying a factory reset - is that something I can safely try myself without involving support (unless, of course, it doesn’t work)? Has anyone else experienced this?


Haven’t experienced this, but yes, the factory reset can be done safely (I’ve done a couple myself).


Our LED’s are different from each other too, different colors, and the battery rarely charges to 100% (maybe 97-99%).


Are they all on the same ROM version?


Yep, same version. They were on the original build (92?); but they updated overnight. All three on 98 now. Battery still says exactly 50% - never more, never less. Maybe if I let it run until it dies and then recharge (to reset the battery gauge)?

LED behavior isn’t that important - they do the green ring when transmitting or receiving, and the partial ring for battery level being wrong is probably related to the numeric level in the app not changing. So it’s really a battery gauge thing. Hopefully a full discharge/recharge cycle or a factory reset will get it sorted.


Letting it run completely down is a good idea. If that does not work, you may want to try one of the reset methods; I think there are two, powering all the way down, and doing a factory reset.


Hey folks,


There’s a few things you could do. My suggestion would actually be to factory reset the device and then reactive and see if that fixes the battery bug you’re currently experiencing. If it fails to resolve the issue, I would then suggest you open a ticket from the companion app so we can take a look at the issue more closely with logs and app info. If it appears to be a hardware bug after further inspection, we may need to swap your device out for a new one.

Just to confirm, all three devices are functioning correctly, it’s just that one is exhibiting some odd behavior?

Please let me know if that seems to fixing the issue. Have a great weekend!



I hope you are doing well today and had a good weekend? Just wanted to check in and see if you were still experiencing the same problem? If so, please open a support ticket through the companion app and send me the ticket number in a DM and I’ll be happy to escalate internally.




Still stuck at 50% after discharge/recharge cycle and reset/(re)activate. Ticket opened, DM sent. THANKS!