Let's talk features: The reason behind Relay's design


Originally published at: https://blog.relaygo.com/relay-in-action-lets-talk-features/

A product, especially at its inception, should focus on specifics—it should be a simple and elegant solution for its users that evolves to meet their needs. This was our approach while creating Relay, and it led us to challenge what communication looks like, what staying connected means, and how a great product should work. This is how our philosophy shaped Relay’s features and design. Simple beats complex every time. Relay’s number one job is to keep families connected in a fun and simple way. So we distilled Relay down to the essential elements, designing communication-first from the outer hardware to…


That’s a great Relay roadmap @vic.s & @sam.quaile

I reviewed it with my family last night and the plan for music got them most excited. They’re really looking forward to the Relay launch and beyond!