Let's Talk Features


Back with another discussion for this week (later than I had planned…)!

We see The Neighborhood as the main hub for discussions about Relay. We want this to be a place where people (like new users @KMC, @aprilmay and @stacye.5z4i0i) can share how they’ve been using Relay, as well as their hopes, questions, concerns, and life-changing experiences with it. Since launching, you have been able to observe and take part in the evolution of Relay, and we’ll have announcements in the coming days & weeks about more channels and other exciting features. With those things upcoming, we’d like to hear your feedback about the features up to this point:

  • Which released features were you most excited for prior to Relay’s launch? What pending features are you eagerly awaiting :watch: ?
  • Which features are you currently using most :+1: ?
  • If you are waiting for certain features to be released before getting your Relay(s) :play_or_pause_button: , what are they?
  • Which (upcoming or currently available) feature do you think is most innovative :bulb: ?

We know folks are eager to see what’s in the works for Relay (we’ve got a lot more planned :motorway:), and appreciate the BETA testers, insiders, and early adopters who have been along for the ride. Your feedback thus far has been invaluable and we’ve made sure to make it a driving force behind our product roadmap. Stay tuned here in The Neighborhood for more releases/announcements in the near future!


Really, just the Relay. I did like the idea of being able to ask my Relay: “where is bob’s Relay?” and get back a verbal response.

Umm. Talking to each other with it. (What other features are there right now?)

Well, I obviously didn’t wait, but the big thing I’m waiting for (I have a good feeling about this being soon) is channels. I want to be able to talk from the App to only one of my Relays!


Being able to talk to Relays on other accounts is the main reason we bought ours. Obviously channels are necessary for this.