Link to 90-day extended money back guarantee produces not authorized message


Just ordered a three pack of relays! On the order “Thank you” page there is a link to “90-day extended money back guarantee”, but when I click the link I get a 403 not authorized to access this page error.

Also, I was able to place my order right before the 10am release, did it open earlier for some reason?

Lastly, why is it 4-6 weeks before my order will ship?



That, and perhaps they need the funds from the initial orders to pay for the first batch. The same thing happened with the early (proprietary) Republic phones. Order (and pay) and then you’d actually get the phone a month or two later.


Thanks. I noticed the other post and answer about the 4-6 weeks question.


Hey @homelessonwheels, just to clarify, we don’t charge until your Relay ships, and we also allow customers to cancel their orders if need be, so that speculation is incorrect. Relay’s are coming, we’re just wrapping up production and getting them ready for our eager customers.


We’re working on getting this updated, thanks for letting us know @timwood!